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You might be earning a good amount of money online but something over here can make you earn more. This will enhance your income by introducing you something that you are totally unaware about it is Traffic. Yes, if you want to make a good amount of money online you need traffic. This is possible through Auto Mass Traffic.

Auto Mass Traffic lets you generate traffic in such a way that as soon as you know that there is constant traffic available, money starts generating in your account. You might have tried out traffic generation sites but they are a thing of past. They have become quiet complicated, expensive and full of people. Here is something new. Since the fact is that you need too much of traffic or visitors daily for making online money, you have come to the right place where there will be no misleading. This is little different from all the techniques and the software can be used by any person who seeks to earn money. The software will increase the traffic to such an extent that you the cash will certainly flow in. Once you access the software you will find it very simple and convenient. You just need to know the copy and paste technique. You will have a plenty of visitors with Auto Mass Traffic.

Auto Mass Traffic gives you an opportunity if you have never made money online because it does not require any marketing skills nor does it require any special technical skills. The software is designed in such a manner so that these problems can be easily overcome. It has been designed for people of every age so that convenience lies in their lap.

If you want instant traffic generation and money coming in your account, there is this software that can attract all these things towards you. You will know the results better once you use this software. Its simplicity will certainly fascinate you. The instant traffic and money can be all yours with this easy to go software Auto Mass Traffic.


  • It does not require any pre marketing knowledge or experience
  • You can earn money online only with the help of traffic. This is the best method to generate traffic
  • It is a ready to use software as soon as you access it. No settings are to be done
  • The software is easy to use, simple to access and give powerful results
  • It saves your plenty of time as you will be generating money daily
  • It will free you from content writing, creating website, guess work, technical difficulties and all the time consuming and hectic jobs that you are pursuing
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee in case you are no satisfied with the product


  • The method of generating traffic might be unfair but not illegal and without generating traffic it is not possible to earn income online

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5 Reviews

  1. Ok, if your into ppv traffic this is a nice little time saver. I didnt really go through the content cause I knew it would be crap I already know, and by skimming a few, I was right. BUT….the software is actually kinda nice. You just enter your keyword and it gives you back a hundred or so web pages that you can bid on for ppv/cpv. I was trying to do this manually and it really sucked. If you have a keyword tool I would say use it to get TONS of pages you can bid on. I did not get the OTO I might later. Not sure if other softwares do this type of thing, it just kinda fell into my email it might be worth the 27 after exit pop up to get it. Oh, and I didnt sign up for cpvdirect cause im using leadimpact atm so you dont really have to sign up using the aff link they are pushing.

  2. Purchased the main product and am not impressed.
    The so called software is a webapp where you input your keywords. The script then goes out and scrapes the search engines (apparently only yahoo) for the top results (indicate how many pages deep). That’s it. Unfortunately, the script seems to run into some kind of performance or max-out problems with the SE. If you hope to be able to input a few hundred or even a hundred keywords and get a list of a thousand relevant URLs, you’re in for a disappointment, as the majority of answers is “No organic records found in Yahoo Search” (which is of course wrong as there are many results if you look in yahoo directly).
    The training attached is perhaps ok for newbies, but I had the impression that the material is dated. For instance, Clickbank graphics are still the old red type, and reference is made to the Google Search Tool, etc.

  3. The thing that upset me most, was that, it’s not as it’s advertised. Otherwise there are good tips and useful information but not that easy as it’s said in the advertisement. Before purchasing the software, I wondered that after I purchase, I will start generating traffic using their software. First, it’s not a software as they say. It’s totally a full training program. The only part that we can say it’s a software, when we insert our keywords, it generates only the organic sites urls. Okay but where is the software to generate the traffic? We are buying this product, because we are interested in generating traffic. Secondly, they offer us other products to in order to activate some other functions. So what for do we pay this 37$? No sense. We pay 37$, for a training program that can be found over the internet for free, where they have made ebooks.

    The other thing that is so bad, after we purchase the product we watch a video, where a guy introduces for about 2-3 minutes. Firstly, the video quality is so bad. Second the place where the video is recorded is very poor. The video that is made is very poor in quality, in content, in place selection, attraction etc… From every point of view it seems to be a video recorder, as if the guy has just woken up, then in a hurry, as if he has forgotten or missed or has been late for work, started to record in the fastest way. No preparation is made and nothing more. The first impressions are really very important, and they couldn’t manage it. After watching the video, we ask ourselves, couldn’t these guys spend some money to make good quality and professional videos if they have earned that much money? No one knows why it’s so that.

    The other thing that I’ve realized, is that they have very few videos. After the introduction video they have some 3-5 more introduction videos for their other stuffs (and all are same, very bad quality, no professionally). Generally when we purchase such kind of programs, we all like to watch videos and listen to them than reading. Because visual content can be better understood and is faster to apply. But they have missed it out. There are documents supplied in pdf where about 10-15 books, and each for about 15-20 pages. So that takes a lot of time and half of it is out of the subject. As we all know it’s annoying to read only. We prefer more to watch than reading (at least I think so). I haven’t read all, I just quickly looked at them, because all the things supplied were things that I knew from before long time.

    Another issue, is that, in order to make function the system, we have spend more money where no one can guarantee you will you get good results or bad. And the money that you will have to spend is at least minimum 50$ more where you can hardly understand does it really function or not. In order to spend more money to understand does it work. And these amounts that you will spend doesn’t have return. It totally does. Because you purchase visitors with those money. After you spend 100-200$ and then ask for a refund, only 37$ will be returned. They make money, because you spend all the money under their affiliate links. But you make money, depends all on you.

    So let’s come to the most important issue. What is the system all about? The idea is good, not bad. They have designed a only one software where you first enter your keywords (keyphrases) and then it generates you websites about these keywords. Of course not a lot some which are organic and are more reputable. Then you can save these as text files. Then there are pdf docs explaining how to use the system, what you have to do and mostly some articles about their own ideas (out of the subjects). Then you are forwarded to some cpv sites (cost per visitor). Like direct cpv and 3-4 more sites. You create an account (under their affiliate link so they earn from your expenses), then you deposit money (minimum 50$ was directcpv), then they send visitors to your url for the amount you spend on these sites.

    According to me, it functions same as google ads. You choose your max cost per visitor and lowest one. It’s same as google ads. So instead of spending this money on these sites better spend on Google Adwords, Yahoo, Facebook etc… So that’s why after you purchase, you spend some more money than even if you want to be refunded, those money spent for advertising are gone. No one can return you.

    I’m upset that I’ve purchased this software, because I was expecting a software, you insert your keywords, and according to these keywords you receive traffic by their generated software. After my purchase, I’ve seen that it’s totally training program where you have to read. There are some advanced premium features, I don’t know what are they, and wasn’t interested after what I’ve seen because you need to pay more money in order to access them (like 30-80$ or monthly fee). So I don;t what are these advanced functions.

    I’m sorry for those who are promoting this program, because of my bad review about it. There is also a lot that promote without even knowing what it’s about. So please think twice or make a research before you purchase or promote something. Best if you can purchase, try it and then make your own review about it. I was thinking to promote (also to use it) this program, after I couldn’t find any exact review about the program, then I have bought it. I generally promote programs that I purchase, try them than if it’s really good then I do promote it. I don’t like to promote something that I do not know anything about it, only see some ads because generally those very attractive and information missing ads or not explaining exactly what the program is about, or loss of time and waste of money.
    Please take into consideration my review before you proceed with this program. Here is the program if you would like to visit their page and check more about it or want to buy it. It’s up to you to purchase or not. You may be want to get your own idea about it Auto Mass Traffic.

  4. It is not difficult to make my conclusion especially when a product does not live up to its expectation. I will not hesitate to warn anyone against being scammed by Auto Mass Traffic or any variation of the same product. If you have unknowingly purchased the product, please do not hesitate to ask for a refund and refrain from dealing with any such product in the future. Don’t you ever believe there is any hands-free automatic online traffic out there! – See more at:

    It certainly helped me attract a TON OF interested visitors to this very blog, and I’m very grateful for it! In fact, the rush of buyer traffic doesn’t seem to be stopping.
    And it was the right decision! I think this is the software that has helped me get more traffic and make more money online than any other software out of probably 30 programs I tried, so I really am grateful to the creator for putting it together.