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Are you into music? Who’s not, right? I always love to hear those combinations of sounds and beat mixes that makes me get up from my seat and dance to the beat. I am always astonished by the talent those people have to mix different kinds of beat to come up into a very good kind of music. I always want to try it and do it like a deejay, and I think you do too, but how? Question no more. Be ready to customize your own music and do it like a pro with “BTV Solo”.

BTV Solo Introduction

“BTV Solo” is a part of the BTV Professional Music Production Software an instant digital download. Inspired? BTV will help you get the ideas out faster. Short on inspiration?  BTV will help you to get in touch with your creative side with its substantial sound library and a simple interface. It does not matter if this is your first time of getting software for beats or you have been in the business for a long time, “BTV Solo” is just the best for you.

BTV Solo” can let you create, edit, arrange, share and get extras. It has 1000 sounds and also includes 50 premium drum kits, 50 instruments and 50 preset patterns. “BTV Solo” consists of 16 track sequencer, onboard mixer, over 60 preset effects, sample editing tools, MIDI controller support, multi-path workflow, training videos, software updates for life and professional support.

BKE Technology: Promise of Excellent Service

BKE Technology is the maker of video tutorials for every feature in the BTV Software. Their line of products that you can choose from includes: “BTV Solo, Core + EDM Expanded Library and Core + EDM + Austin Dallas.  They also provide tips, tricks and tutorials that making bass heavy beats be a light work. If you will get stuck in the operation or needs assistance, a BKE support engineer will be there to answer your questions via live chat. The BKE has a proprietary design process to capture the sounds.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before instantly downloading the “BTV Solo”

BTV Solo Conclusion

This product, “BTV Solo”, is a very good buy, especially for those who want to produce music or music enthusiasts who want to do more with the music or who are into the music industry. It is highly recommended and used by prominent producers and they have trusted it to deliver what they want so meaning to say, its benefits have been proven and tested.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Wide collection of preset songs, sounds, beat that you can choose from so mixing will be easy
  • You can adjust an edit without disrupting your creative flow
  • You can create a full song in a fly
  • Good support from the company so you can address each concern right away
  • Trusted and recommended by prominent professional producers
  • 60-day money back 100% guarantee


  • No VST/AU plugin support
  • No professional sampler

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