Building a Chicken Coop

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“Cluck” and “cackle”, “bwok” and “bwak”. Your chickens are having their conversation in your backyard. How they look so happy eating their food and you will feel happy taking care of them also, for in due time, they will give you fresh organic eggs for your family to consume or to sell. And, the chicken dungs can be used for a fertilizer too. It is a win-win situation. But to level up your care for them, why not try building a chicken coop with your own hands with “Building a Chicken Coop”.

Building a Chicken Coop Introduction

This book “Building a Chicken Coop” is full of do it yourself plans on how to build a chicken coop, no matter what the size and the budget, this book will be your guide. In this book all the factors concerning creating a chicken coop is considered like dimensions, materials, insulations, ventilations, lighting, positioning, nesting, perches, waste collection and protection from elements.

Building a Chicken Coop” books contains a lot of information including, the 6 most important things you should have before building a chicken coop, tips on the building site and in selecting materials, how to easily breed chickens and take care of the baby chicks, the 9 daily, monthly and yearly chores you must perform to keep your chickens healthy, 8 potential food that may be harmful to the chicken and a whole lot more.

The “Building a Chicken Coop” books come with free bonuses that will be yours also. These are, How to Best Position your Chicken Coop, How to Build Nesting Boxes Using Common Materials, The Best Materials in the Ground, The Cheapest Materials to Build your Coop out of and Organic Gardening eBook Library.

Bill Keene: Building a Chicken Coop Author

Bill Keene, the author of “Building a Chicken Coop” has spent a lot years working in the poultry industry, making him knowledgeable on anything about taking care of chicken. He created this plans to build a chicken coop so that it will be easy for those who wants to build it. He made the designs simple that even a beginner can understand right away and can follow the plans.

Mr. Keene illustrated the diagrams and dimensions clearly in his book “Building a Chicken Coop”. He also conceptualized with a hope that it will be money saving.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying this eBook of “Building a Chicken Coop”.

Building a Chicken Coop Conclusion

The “Building a Chicken Coop” eBook is a good book especially for those who have chickens and want to develop it. Unlike any other woodwork, these plans are specially created for chickens, understanding them and their needs.


  • Cheaper compared to buying
  • Keeps chicken protected
  • Substantial information for everything there is to know about chickens and taking care of them
  • Simple easy plans that you do not have to be carpenter to do it
  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • No substantial information regarding the author

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