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Have you been yearning to make a good amount of money online but you are not getting the appropriate business or solutions to the problems you are facing in setting up a business? If you do not have any experience in online marketing and still you are seeking to make up more money. This is the right choice for you. It is CB Passive income.

CB Passive income is a program developed by Patrick Chan who has diverse knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing. Once you have become the member of this fully flourished program at that instant you will have access to all the details that one should know once they are beginning with the online business and marketing process.

CB Passive Income Features

  • It provides free web hosting and domain, which are fully tested and there is no need to buy them
  • Once the user has logged in and become a member all the major work is done by auto responder, so less headache for the user
  • Different offers for the users if they wish to subscribe
  • The emails and reports will be sent to you through your unique code. All your products will be containing your unique Clickbank id using which you can promote the money and make handsome amount of money
  • It will collect the list for you so there is no need for investing extra cost
  • All the sales copy writing will be handled by CB Passive income, which is very beneficial for the new marketers

CB Passive Income is a program which is beneficial for people and marketers of all stages may they be new comers in the field who are just trying their hand out, may it be the intermediate marketers or may it be the marketers who have already reached the advanced level. The product has proved its worth to many people.

CB Passive income Bonus

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All your complicated business related will be solved once you become the member of this program. This is the best program to become a successful online entrepreneur. Using this program you can choose your own product, promote it to larger extent and attain the best profits ever with CB Passive Income.

CB Passive Income is different from all those money generating programs that provide people with limited sources. This is however an open approach that has automated work systems and can help you more money online than any other program. The program has been developed by experts and deserves your subscription.


  • The program is not merely confined to marketing but also to the business field as well. By using this product you can be an effective marketer as well as marketer
  • It has free subscription offers which definitely boosts up the business and takes the business to new heights
  • Users have access to traffic courses like YouTube marketing, solo advertisements, Press release, facebook marketing etc
  • Further installation of any software is not at all required
  • Practical examples of experts are also available which would guide you for the longer run
  • You can yourself control the traffic once you become an expert


  • It promotes only clickbank products

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5 Reviews

  1. As a member of CB Passive Income, you will have all of these or free!
    1. A top notch web page that has been tested to convert at 50%
    2. An attractive free offer that will entice visitors to subscribe.
    3. Free hosting
    4. Once visitors have opted in, Patrick’s auto responder will do all the work for you
    5. Crafted emails and more free reports will be emailed out to this list with your unique code. This means all promotions will have your very own Clickbank ID in them. So when the people in this list buys a product, you get the commission.

    You see, this system is actually quite simple. The reason why it is so powerful is because you are leveraging Patrick’s credibility and services. Of course you can just create a squeeze page, get some opt ins and promote products yourself. However, this is very time consuming and your subscriber list would not know who you are. On top of that, email marketing is one of the hardest method to sell anything. If you do not give enough value, don’t know how to craft compelling emails and know the exact timing on when to promote. Most likely, you will have more unsubscribes then sales.

  2. Thanks for CB passive Income. I was struggling with email marketing. I even abandoned my small list and your program is a blessing that came on-time. Without much effort, I have so far received 42 subscribers and earned 2 commission sales.

  3. I started with CB Passive Income from scratch with a zero mailing list. In just 1 week since it launched. I managed to collect over 100 leads, and made almost $200 in affiate commission so far.

  4. I can’t wait to see what happens as i increase the traffic and get more leads. With CB Passive Income I can now focus with promoting other non Clickbank products with the certainty my CB Income is passive.

  5. “CB Passive Income”, by Patrick Chan and found at cbpassiveincome.com, is an internet marketing website that is built to do the work for you automatically.

    CB Passive Income was created for beginners. Chan has made it so that everything right from the start is already set up for you so you can focus on learning traffic generation.
    Supposedly, CB Passive Income does the bulk of the work for you to learn how to generate passive cash flow on auto pilot. CB Passive Income has a monthly membership fee of $47 dollars, so that can be quite costly.

    Chan also states that he operates his end of CB Passive Income so you don’t have to worry about that. The program deals with promoting Clickbank products on its own proprietary system.

    CB Passive Income is quite a change from most other money generation systems out there in that the control is taken from you and leaves out what you’d learn about internet marketing in general with other systems.

    As a beginner in the field of internet marketing, you will be uncertain of how to understand niches and what kinds of Clickbank products to promote.

    The problem with one push button systems for beginners like CB Passive Income is that the beginner is likely to fail because they know next to nothing about where to go when the system fails them.

    That is because CB Passive Income does not teach them how mailing lists function, or how the commission structure works.

    With CB Passive Income, you won’t be able to see statistics, or customize the website they provide. You also won’t be able to see what products are being sold.

    The job entails promoting the Clickbank product links CB Passive Income assigns you and gathering email addresses.

    If you don’t know how or where to promote the product links, you may not make much money with this CB Passive Income.

    That is called lead generation and it is not an easy thing to do, especially for a beginner. Generating traffic is challenging enough for the experienced marketer as it is.
    As with most internet marketing systems, CB Passive Income has its share of upsells they will push on you, so be careful of getting caught in that vicious cycle.

    CB Passive Income is an interesting product, and its creator has a decent reputation in the field, but there are too many holes in this system for me to recommend it.
    I don’t recommend CB Passive Income.
    Thanks for reading…