Dog Food Secrets


Dubbed as “the man’s best friend”- Lassie,Bingo, Hachiko and many other movies are made involving almost everybody’s favourite buddy and partner, the dogs. “Arf”, “Arf”, “Arf”, and they will not stop barking when you are in danger, trying to notify someone, or will try to warn you for any impending danger. It is innate for them to care. This is who they are, trainable but intelligent creatures. And when they will ask for their food or if they want something from you, they will look at you with that face that you just cannot resist but to give them what they want. They are adorable, loyal pets that make us love them even more. We want to give them nothing but the best and not knowing that instead of protecting them, we are the ones who are slowly killing them by feeding them poison. As heart breaking as it sounds, let us all discover the “Dog Food Secrets”.

Dog Food Secrets Introduction

The “Dog Food Secrets” was created because of the company’s concern to the canines that have been eating poison, toxic and lethal commercial dog foods. They are offering for a solution to this canine deadly matter.The 3 simple solution are as follows; stop using commercial dog food as your dog’s only or main source of food, learn how to read commercial dog food labels because there will be times when you still want to use it, get some healthy, well- balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog home- made food.

The “Dog Food Secrets”are packed with recipes that are canine specific well-balanced, calorie controlled and are home-made. Their products which is the 4th edition now, have 35 all new healthier and easy to make recipes, all main meal dishes are flour, salt, sugar, butter and cream free, every recipe has feeding recommendations for toy, small, medium, large and extra-large dogs, calorie count, sodium count included for every recipe and 5 completely new must have books & guides toe the Gold Pack including homemade supplement guide, puppy feeding guide, diet changeover guide and more.

Andrew Lewis: The Dog Food Cook

Andrew Lewis is the author of “Dog Food Secrets” who are very saddened by the death of his dog Noble and was enraged when he learned the reason behind it. He was unaware then of the content of commercial dog foods and trusted it only to realize, it is killing his dog. He spent hours and money in research of finding the best brands and has spent his efforts in talking to veterinarians and canine health experts to produce something that he could have done for his dead dog before.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into considerations before buying the “Dog Food Secrets”.

Dog Food Secrets Conclusion

Overall, I highly recommend Dog Food Secrets book since it is an eye opener of what our dogs is eating and it is also promoting the whole well-being of the dogs, making them healthier and live longer. I hope the calculations would be easy for anyone so that the right nutrients will be provided.


  • You will not ne feeding garbage, crap and toxins that will slowly kill your dogs
  • Assure a longer lifespan of your dog, making them healthier
  • Supported by experts and research
  • Easy to prepare
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Discusses other areas concerning your dogs


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