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Are you struggling to make money online? Are you looking for some source of extra income? Have all your efforts been in vain? There is a system that can solve all your problems in no time. It is Dotcom SecretsX. This program is created to accomplish a set of mission which would help people to get rich, quit their hectic jobs and earn more than they have ever thought of.

Dotcom SecretsX is a program created by Russell Brunson in which he shares all the worthy information that would fetch riches to people. It is the effort of owner to bring the program to larger audience so that maximum people can benefit from it. The program is meant for the newbie as well as those experienced in this field. $1 trial is available with the program that would help you to gain trust on the product.

Dotcom SecretsX has been trusted by people who accepted it and has changed the scenario of market ever since its existence.  Even for the people who are new to internet marketing are in a practical state of contentment once they have gone through this video course. It has a vast variety of techniques that would prove to be beneficial to you. The system will give you extra motivation inculcating the belief that you can earn through internet.

Dotcom SecretsX starts from very basic and gives you full length details. You can pick up your offer set up your account, and build traffic using paid and solo free ads. If you follow up all the details shown up in the program, soon the world will be a better place to live in with lots of riches and no rags.  The techniques in the coaching program are very efficient and would attract a lot of wealth as per your willingness to earn and the hard work you can out in.

Dotcom SecretsX will take your life on the smoother platform in terms of finance. The adverse situation of lack of money won’t affect you anymore once you are into this program. Many people have benefited from this program and you are going to be one of those once you start using this product. If you have that desire to earn then surely Dotcom SecretsX is the right option for you.


  • The program helps you to earn income within first 30 days of its usage. So it is less time consuming.
  • It has $1 trial for 30 days which helps you to know the product well.
  • Pdf as well as visual study through videos is present that helps to understand the product in a better way.
  • The program is very east to access, use and implement making it acceptable by masses.
  • The program does not require huge investment and helps you to get the maximum out of the minimum investment.


  • It won’t fetch you riches at once you will have to put in effort in order to make money.

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  1. DCSX poses as an work from home opportunity that captures the eye of almost anyone who falls for its marketing tricks with its sales video:

    Marketing Trick #1: Pay for DCSX only after you start making money
    Marketing Trick #2: Uses Richard Branson (Billionaire) to endorse his system
    Marketing Trick #3: The system use to cost $5,000, now it’s yours for free
    Marketing Trick #4: $1 to get the entire system
    Marketing Trick #5: $1 received is donated to charity
    Marketing Trick #6: No experience required, basically anyone can be successful with DCSX
    Marketing Trick #7: Income proof just by sending emails
    Marketing Trick #8: Other people’s success with the system

    I can say that the sales video sound really convincing and seemed genuine in helping someone out, but truth be told you are only going to help Russell Brunson make more money than he already is when you join DCSX.

    DCSX basically is a training course that guides you through the process of selling Russell Brunson’s other products through email marketing.

    Please heed my advice and stay away from DCSX, firstly because the price is too steep to join as a membership and secondly, you need to stay as a member for a minimum of 88 days in order to get the full package of DCSX.

    DCSX uses many shady sales and marketing techniques to make you believe that it is easy to make money online. The fact is that making money online is not as easy as DCSX claimed to be, there are much work to be done and much knowledge to be acquired.

    Joining DCSX only restricts you to promote (sell) other products created by Russell Brunson or products affiliated to him. You do not have the flexibility to promote things that you are interested in.


    Personally I think it’s a ploy to make Russell more money because of the way the whole system is designed. 

    Within this 90 day plan, you are going to be following what I mentioned above: Learning how to do email marketing and promoting Russell’s products. That is the broad idea, but specifically, you will do things such as:

    Create a website & purchase an autoresponder. The website is where you will put up your email form and collect leads. There are video tutorials on helping you set this up. I’m not, but if you do decide to do this program, I’d recommend utilizing Aweber as your autoresponder of choice because it’s pretty simple to use. 

    As for the website creation, you can either purchase your own domain/hosting or if you’re trying this program for experiment’s sake and want to save money, I advise this approach to making websites since it costs nothing.

    Once you have these 2 elements down, you will then begin to utilize the next phases of the 90 day action plan which comes down to:

    1. Choosing programs to promote (there are about 20) from Russell’s list. These are all HIS products (except 1) meaning each time you earn a sale, you will make him money. 

    2. You will then promote these programs through the website you created by bringing in traffic (visitors), having them sign up to your email list and then sending them promotional emails where you recommend Russell’s products.

    You learn to basically market Russell Brunson’s products through email marketing. Many of these products come from the original Dotcomsecrets program which you will be “persuaded” to sell.

    Russell has created a pretty clever way of making himself a lot money at your expense (technically) and although some of the methods and training is legitimate, much of it has been over used and is more difficult to succeed with today.
    You can make money with it, but it’s methods of marketing are fading because too many use it. This program is designed around you working for Russell. I don’t recommend it.

  3. I am a member of dot com secrets x and am also in my second month with them. I have seen some good results. Not huge, like the guy who posted above, but i did make back more than i paid for my membership. $1 first month and $97 after that. It’s basically a video training course on how to make money online and Russell has teamed up with some people to offer some special deals on advertising. That is all good, but with these advertisers, (safelist owners) you won’t make any cash if you’re not in the mmo or im niche.

    The training however is the main selling point for dotcomsecretsx and even though i’ve been making a full time income online for over 11 years, i still managed to pick up a couple of gems. For newbies this would be a great place to start and if you’re in the i.m niche you should see some results if you follow the program. Having said that, you could probably find the same information elsewhere and it won’t cost you a monthly fee, but i do like way it’s all laid out and presented in a step by step fashion in dotcomsecretsx and the training is updated often which is why they probably have the monthly fee.

    They do provide squeeze pages for you to promote dotcomsecrtesx and build your own email list, but i feel this has already become saturated as i’ve seen many solo ad publishers stating they won’t send out solo ads for dotcomsecretsx as their subscribers have seen the offer too many times. It might help to use their squeeze pages, but point the oto to something else. This may require a little bit of work, but should help to set you apart from the crowd.

  4. i am on month 2, I have over 200 opt-ins to my list and have made 12 sales, both using FREE methods and Paid Solo Ads…I hope you make a sale soon, it just gives you that extra motivation and belief that this system really works, if it did for me it can for anyone, before i joined DCSX i was never involved in Internet Marketing…Now i can’t get enough of all the stuff there is to learn..Really happy using this product.

  5. DotCom Secrets X is not that different than all the rest of the manipulative internet marketing products that are out there. While you do get some training in making money online, all of the training is geared towards the idea of you promoting DotCom Secrets X and there is little practical knowledge that will really help with making money online.
    I wouldn’t really recommend this product to anyone, as you can learn and apply affiliate marketing skills elsewhere in a much better way.