Dr. Drum

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Techno, House, Trance, Dubstep, R&B, Progressive, Jazz and a whole lot more. Why go to the club, when you can bring the club to you? Get ready for an awesome party, where you can be the deejay with “Dr.Drum”.

Dr. Drum Introduction

Dr. Drum” is a digital beat making software and has the following features; it is easy to use, can be exported to 44.1 Stereo.Wav and video tutorials. You can also import your sounds with 1 click and 4 octave keyboard. It also has multiple screens to make your editing simpler, copy bars or multiple bars with 1 click; professional mastered sounds and is compatible on PC & Mac. It can also make alterations on the following; high, low, and mid sounds individually on each track, “pan effect on each track as to which speaker the sounds come from and frequency/ res &lfo on the keys for cool effects like in making Dubstep beats.

“Dr. Drum” is for amateur and pro use. It has 16- track sequencer that will let you compose and edit your music piece. It also spontaneously makes a video that will be uploaded to your account in YouTube.

An Endorsement of the Product

The writer did not specify the makers of this product or the company as to where this product came from, nor does he never reveal his identity. He only labelled himself as some dude, who had the chance to use this product and was captivated and convinced by this product “Dr. Drum”.

He said he used to suck at mixing beats until he started using “Dr Drum”, and he is now making professional quality of DJ tracks that makes him be envied by his friends. He was never able to create a beat before in his life and hours later he played back his new beats and it blows his mind and others who are listening to it. He also wants to share the same experience he had with you.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before plugging in the “Dr. Drum”.

Dr. Drum Conclusion

With “Dr. Drum, you can gain insights in mixing beats. It may not have an extensive choice of music or beats, the basic beats and music is there that you can still enjoy mixing and will still be perfect for the party.


  • Tutorial videos that will help you in the process of creating your own track and mixing beats
  • Cheaper than the other products
  • You do not have to be rich or have a lot of money to make professional sounding tracks


  • Warranty is not specified as to how many days you can return it for refund and whether you will get all of your penny spent or not
  • Do not have an extensive choice of music or beats

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