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Hey Women! Don’t you feel good when men pay whole of their attention only to you? When they think that you are the only one meant for him. Yeah! You actually feel great about it. Here is something that could help you out to make your man fall for you more than anything. You can attract your man towards you simply by usingThe Drama Method’.

The Drama Method’ is a relationship advice program made for women, which will help them out to use the simple drama to make their man have an urge and joy of being with them. This program is meant for women and girls of all ages and colors. It does not matter what kind of situation you are currently facing or what your relationship is going through. It will surely help you to get immediate and everlasting attention of your man.

The Drama Method Program contains

  • A PDF e-book: It contains several techniques and formulas which will be assistance for you to create an intoxicating feeling in your man’s mind. It contains step wise detailed description of all the techniques
  • An audio file: It contains the audio version of program in mp3 format making it convenient for you to have easy access to the program
  • The Bonus: The program contains three attached bonus reports. They are:
    • Mind Scanner Report: Read your man’s mind and come out with positive results
    • Shameless Truth Report: It is going to help you find out what men actually feel about relationships
    • Extreme case scenario turn around report:Undo all your mistakes and keep your man fascinated and impressed with you

The Drama Method’ will create an atmosphere around your man where he will feel as if he is emotionally safe, where he could have his emotions at heights. He will have a feeling of being with a woman of his dreams. The man you are in love with will find you an irresistibly beautiful woman, whom he would not only like to be with but would even want you closer to him. Honestly your guy is never going to get bored of you. He is never going to see you as a plain ugly woman. You are going to be his dream girl. If you want to have the best of it for you and your relationship, then you are at the right place and it’s your turn to make the right choice.


  • It helps you to make your man attracted to you, feel emotionally safe and bound to you, make them love you more and more, and always want you closer to them
  • It gives you access to three types of bonus reports apart from the core material
  • It is a relationship advice prepared by an expert


  • This program does not give you hundred percent guarantee, but do gives you the best of any relationship guide could ever give you. If you are willing to keep your man fascinated then ‘The Drama Method’ is willing to help you

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2 Reviews

  1. Some critics are swayed by The Drama Method due to the author’s claim regarding his status as a relationship coach, but Fox talks candidly about his own tumultuous relationships as a precursor to his relationship guide.

    He discusses his last break-up, and the impact it has had on his perspective on what works and what does not work within relationships, from a man’s perspective.  The Drama Method is also put down by some as it is clearly geared toward women snagging the man of their dreams, and there is little mention of how men can be better in their role in capturing a woman’s heart.

    The relationship guide was written for women who are desperately seeking a relationship that is different from past loves, and breaking the bad relationship cycle that we can all encounter, but no longer wish to endure.

    Regardless of the few simple caveats, it seems Fox’s relationship guide is sound advice, based on personal experience and studied responses to the steps explained within the book.

    He focuses his efforts on how to make the shift, in mindset and in practice, toward more supportive, committed, long-lasting relationships, and gives serious insight into how the male mind works.  The information presented within the guide provides a roadmap for those seeking this kind of relationship whom have been unsuccessful in the past in achieving that goal.

    Despite the somewhat misleading title, The Drama Method is a powerful relationship guide for women seeking a better relationship, willing to make a dramatic change surrounding how they view emotional connections with men.

  2. The Drama Method is not a product for every woman. You really have to be clear on your goals as well as how much you want to get involved in “the game.” There is no denying that most of the methods in this program borders on manipulation; but it’s hard to completely disregard if these methods work. In an added note, consider also that this program contains some noticeable shortcomings when it comes to support. Overall, all of these factors contribute to an average 3 out of 5 stars rating for the product.

    The best feature of this program is the sheer amount of information that comes with the whole package. The main course serves you up with 20 methods for keeping your man in line. Combine that with the bonuses, both announced and unannounced, and you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy for a long while.

    On the flip side, what you’ll learn in this program might not be considered the most noblest of actions. This product reveals an effort of playing with your man’s emotions and tendencies. In effect, you may not be encouraging love from your partner; you may end up only triggering a superficial “knee jerk” response – not really something that leads to a long term, sincere, and fulfilling relationship.

    Regardless, this is still just a tool; and what you do with it as well as to what extent determines your overall outcome. If used sparingly, this may solve certain aspects of your relationship problems. In contrast, if depended upon too much, these methods may turn your man into a slave rather than a man who genuinely loves and admires you.