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Sometimes in life so many things go wrong. Your relationship might be one of them. Everything was going pretty well but you don’t know where everything went wrong. You can feel the absence in your life. Everything has vanished, still you hope somewhere for your man to adore you, love you and desire you. This secret is meant for women who might be single, committed or separated. This secret is going to give you everything you want. The secret is Enchant Him.

Enchant Him is designed by Carrie Engel, once she suffered the heart break herself. This secret is going to give power to you to lead the relationship. You are going to get everything you dream about. The withdrawn, uninterested man is going to turn really romantic and fascinating only for you. This is a simple, unusual and powerful technique.

Enchant Him is easily available in e-book form. It is going to tell girls how to read a guy. Women like commitment and this is what the program is going to fetch them.

Enchant Him features

  • It will help them to read a man’s mind
  • Learn the art of seduction and attraction
  • To learn and enjoy the relationship and their life
  • Avoid insecurities and heartaches
  • Help you to keep his attention and attraction lifelong

The program Enchant Him can be accessed by any lady who wants her man to be under control and wants to have a romantic life with her affectionate partner. This will help you to know what are the carved feelings and thoughts in a man’s heart and mind. You will be able to know life from his point of view. The program will give you a detailed study about your dressing sense, the way you behave and your particular characteristic that could help you to fascinate him.

Enchant Him will bring tons of happiness in your life. It will help you to be a contended girlfriend and a happier wife. The tips in the book will tell you that you don’t have to change yourself; you just have to know the things that you should do so that love and charm add sparkles to your life. This program will surely help you to be a better woman and a loving life partner. Have confidence in you, feel you are beautiful, be firm and bold, be particular about what you want, don’t pressurize your man, make him feel emotionally and mentally safe; discover more detailed techniques in the program  Enchant Him.


  • It contains enriched and well defined techniques
  • The program has been tested by experts and the designer herself
  • It has money back guarantee
  • It has attached bonus as well
  • It tells you everything that could make a guy fall in love with you


  • It will take time to implement the techniques and bring the outcome

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3 Reviews

  1. Carrie Engel’s “Enchant Him”: This is an endless, manipulative infomercial that never reveals anything of value. Link offers a free “simple secret” that, 1/2 hour later, they describe as a “confusing” system that can only be explained by purchasing an expensive download. It promises to have men eating out of your hand (really?) as long as you pay up. There are no legitimate reviews for the product (except here on Amazon) because the author has created dozens of phony reviews that link directly to purchasing the product. For example, a search on “Enchant Him scam” yields pages and pages of supposedly honest reports that rave about the product, then try to sell it to you. Amazon should not even be selling this BS.

  2. Most men do not want a woman who is needy or clingy and announces that she wants to get married and have kids on the first date…(They want a real challange.) Tell them you don’t want to get married, and see where you go with that? I had dates lined up every weekend, even during the week. I really didn’t want to get married at 25 years old but my boyfriend at the time, (now my husband of 23 years) just kept pushing me to either live with him or get married. I told him I wouldn’t live with any man unless I was married to him plus I didn’t have a ring. He kept asking me to marry him and I told him (maybe), well that made him want me even more. After I picked out a ring and the idea of marriage grew on me, I decided to take the plunge. He was even willing to do a big church wedding, have the country club reception and help do it all. He told me that when we met he knew I was the one. I didn’t sleep with him until we had been dating hot and heavy for like 8 weeks. It wasn’t long after we met that I lost my job. He offered to help me out with some money and I wouldn’t accept any money from him. (Now I firmly believe that the man must pay for all the dates, I do not believe that women should ever pay, if a guy doesn’t offer to pay for your food on a date, you never see him again.) I did nice things for him, I asked for his key to go wash his clothes and clean up his apt, I bought his favorite perfume and wore it for him, I made a big deal about being a penny off while balancing my checkbook and I could cook (and would cook) for him. We both came from similar backgrounds growing up, had the same religion and had the same values. He realized that I would take care of him, that is all they really want (not some bimbo who is spoiled and wants her way all the time.) All they want is praise for even the littlest things they do. You have to be willing to work at it, if not, you will be alone or be in numerous crappy relationships, like my sister. She is on husband #3, at 45 years old and has had countless loser boyfriends to boot. She is spoiled and lazy and can’t figure out why she can’t get a good man. (She ends up with guys that won’t pay for meals, etc).
    My life is not perfect by any means, nobodies is. But it’s no secret, real men want a woman who will be a partner for life and not a princess to take care of. My husband and I are best friends, that is what everybody needs, (Somebody you count on to help you hide the body, if necessary) you know what I mean!!!

  3. I did not need to buy the book… the very long video presentation that seemed never-ending was enough to turn me off completely from wanting to buy this book.
    The presentation was so long, so transparent, and repetitive…. “have you ever been disappointed, have you ever been disappointed… (continuously repeated through the presentation). It emphasizes the negative in yourself, while pretending to take responsibility for it, and presenting men as nothing but “competitors” who want to win… It sets you up to falsely believe that us women can manipulate men to do as we say, thus representing men as nothing but brainless, and toy-like. I wanted to vomit during the presentation… If that is the kind of stuff that is supposed to help us have successful and intelligent relationships, then it makes us women look like everything women are not : losers who need to learn winning secrets.

    You dont need a book to tell you that all relationships (friendships, family, peer to peer, professional life, etc.) are built on one foundation only and that is “trust”… the stronger the foundations of your house, the longer it will last. There is no need for games, for winning or losing, and learning circus tricks. Stay away from books that tell you how to live and think, instead of experiencing life as a journey, where you can learn and love yourself with warts and all, and thus accept and love others as they are. You cannot change anyone, but yourself only.