Family Self Defence

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The words defenceless, weak, powerless and all other words synonymous are adjectives which I really hate feeling. I am always born a fighter, I fight bullies, and I fight against crimes and injustices but what I really do not know how to react with are blitz situations.  Would my reflexes work or will I just break down and cry? Those were the thoughts that keep playing on my mind. Well, I hope we can all learn something from “Family Self Defence”.

Family Self Defence Introduction

Family Self Defence is a system that has been tested and proven. The author worked with a team of top international bodyguards, martial arts and kinesiologists and tested the early version of the system to 124 students and 38 of those students are confident in their training abilities after the short training. These students volunteered to test their skills against professional fighters in mixed martial arts that have no rules. 34 of them won, 4 withdraw and no one was hurt. And that is how the system became famous.

Frank Bell: Martial Art Trainer

Frank Bell, is the man behind the “Family Self- Defence System”. He is a 44 year old systems analyst turned elite martial arts trainer from Duluth, Minessota. He worked behind the scenes by training bodyguard that protect world famous celebrities and high public figures. He was attacked in his sleep together with his whole family before in a home invasion robbery. And eventhough he has trainings in 14 martials since he was 4 years old, and he froze up and was not able to do anything. He felt humiliated and castrated, that it made him realized that nobody should feel like he did.

Mr. Bell spent 3 years putting over 1, 800 moves only to come up with 3 moves that would be effective. He also highlighted the importance of reflexes and points that are uncovered.  He believed that the moves in martial arts that you learned will just slow you down in a crisis situation.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying the DVD package of “Family Self Defence System”.

Family Self Defence Conclusion

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs highlights the importance of security; in fact, it is one of the stages of his pyramid.  If there are anyway that we can have the knowledge on how to protect ourselves and our families, then we should grab that. That is why “Family Self Defence” should be learned by everyone, as everyone deserves to be safe and secure.


  • Humiliate trained martial arts
  • Can take down big guys even if you are sick and small
  • Defend against any attackers, any angles at anytime
  • Not afraid to be attacked again
  • Protective shield for you and for your family
  • No martial arts skills needed


  • May appear too confident
  • Attackers may learn about this also

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