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Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? It is a cryptocurrency that has been used largely nowadays, and guess what? It is now also used in the stock market trading. It is virtual money that is currently establishing itself as a serious monetary instrument, in a way; it is inflation safe and hack proof. Here is how it will work with “Fap Turbo”, and let us watch how they will do the magic.

Fap Turbo Introduction

“Fap Turbo” is the real money robot from Forex. You can choose between two legs as this product is dual leg, but you can also do both. The first one is Road to Millionaire wherein it is “Fap Turbo” + Tallinex and leg 2 MyFXChoicewith exclusive 25% Bonus for FapTurbo customers only.

The bonuses for “Fap Turbo” includes, FAP Bitcoin and Bonus Bitcoin Signal Indicator

Steve Carletti: For Fap Turbo

Steve Carletti, the man behind the “Fap Turbo” is a professional I.T. programmer and the head developer of this product. His dream when he was a kid is to make it big, always. He was never an “If” person and that is why he is rich today. He believed in the saying that big money is made not by working hard, but by working smart.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying the “Fap Turbo” product.

Fap Turbo Conclusion

This is the first time of a robot or a trader that uses Bitcoin in the stock market exchange using “Fap Turbo”. The introduction of Bitcoin might be good for the variety in currencies used.  We know, that the market itself is an unstable platform for your trade, the next time this is the pattern, the next time it is like this. It is once compared to a big bad math puzzle that is very hard to figure out.  But despite of that fact, the Bitcoin once again is inflation proof and hacked-proof so you can be sure of tis security in the market.

The second point, the introduction of “Fap Turbo” uses or mentions the word “magic”, which may be possibly misunderstood. Someone will think that their money will be gone just like magic, suddenly, abruptly, without a word. But remember magic also can make us happy, meaning your profit will appear also at any time.

The third point, the site of “Fap Turbo: is very chaotic. It has loud colors and graphics that are painful to my eyes. The fonts are just too large then suddenly shifted to small, then large again, and have a lot of figures and pictures. It is not systematically presented and the thoughts are not continuous. But despite all that, I think the strong points that they want to convey are emphasized and shown.


  • You can use Bitcoin
  • Forex Choice
  • Unlimited Suppoprts
  • 5 years in the marketing
  • Dual licenses
  • Talline supported
  • Dual leg


  • Complex to look at
  • Bitcoins are unstable currency

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