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Have you lost your job? Or are you in search of a job where you get paid for your opinions? The  job which is not hectic for you and gives you plenty of free time to have a life of your own. Are you in search of any such opportunity? Then let me bring it into your notice that you can be paid for your opinions. Yes your genuine opinion can get you money and fill up your pockets. They can be a source to your livelihood.

Get Cash for Surveys by Garry Mitchell. The site is an online site that pays you for making surveys. Once you sign up on the site, you will have diverse opportunities to earn more money at home than you have earned while going to office daily spending at least 9 hours a day.

The research and marketing companies would hire you and would give you a certain topic or project for research that you would have to study and express your opinions about it, once you have surveyed it deeply. Different types of business and marketing companies are available online who are looking for a variety of people who can write surveys for them. You can even do it as a part time job to add to your earnings. This all is possible if you log on to Get Cash For Surveys.

Everyone loves to express their opinions. The marketing companies which are present in the market are in search of the variety of customers who could help them to tell the state of their market as a customer. This is really interesting and when you get paid for it, it becomes more interesting.

The website is not at all time bound and people of any age can be there to work and earn a handsome amount of money for themselves and their family. This would not only add up to your income but would also improve your standard of living. You life would be better than ever before.

Having a life of pleasures is everyone’s dream. You have opportunity to have one. If you want to add up to your income or you want to upgrade your financial status then Get Cash for Surveys is the right choice for you.


  • There is a vast set of companies available that require people to survey for it. They can pay you enough to enhance your income. You can even work for more than one company at a time
  • There is 60 days money back guarantee. Your money will be in the safer hands. Moreover the money which is required for investment is very low
  • You do not need to have a particular qualification for this kind of work. Since diverse work is available, so you can find out which one suits you the best
  • You can earn a range of money from small scale to large scale, which would depend upon the effort and time you put in this work
  • There is no age limit to this work. Anyone can handle this work may it be a young guy, a housewife or an old person. This work sees no age, thus it’s not time bound
  • It does not require you to work from 12 to 12. You can work according to your convenience and your timings. This would be a break for you from such a hectic routine
  • It offers incentive referral projects that means if you enroll any of the person under your particular code


  • There are too many scam sites available online. So beware

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3 Reviews

  1. My experiences with survey income opportunities like Get Cash For Surveys has never been that good. You pay to sign up and get pretty much get links to sign up to other survey sites. You sit there and have to create a bunch of profiles and hopefully get surveys to do. That’s the other thing. You don’t always get a steady flow of surveys. You’ll most likely get 1 or 2 per day at best from my experiences. Not only that, but many times these surveys have screening questions that filter you out if you answer wrong so you don’t even get to take the survey!

    Okay, so then what happens when you do get a survey to do? Often times, it takes a long time to do them. It’s really boring. You will just find yourself rushing through them, selecting any answer because the ultimate goal is to make money anyways, right? That’s why you signed up. Not only that, but I’ve never got a survey that paid me more than $1.50. When you calculate all the earnings, you could expect something more like $5 to $20 per month with survey sites like this one. There are definitely more profitable ways to earn income from home. 

    Final Thoughts And Conclusion

    Will Get Cash For Surveys scam you out of your mind? Well, it’s not a scam. It’s a Clickbank product though and that’s really how people are making money from this program: selling it to newbies. Another thing is that sites like this often grab your info and sell it to 3rd parties. That’s sometimes you wonder why the heck you’re getting spam all the time. You might be able to earn a few bucks through this program, but nothing to get crazy excited about. If you are going to join, make sure you spend most of your time actually learning Internet marketing skills rather than just taking surveys. Trust me on that one. 

  2. As you can tell I am not a fan of this site, but it would not be a review if I did not give the site a chance. As instructed by the site I started signing up for some of the survey sites that they recommend on their list. I signed up for 5 different sites and got a few surveys from each one.

    Something that jumped out at my right away was these surveys did not pay great. If you take a look at Get Cash For Surveys Landing Page you will see surveys that pay $5, $10, even $20. That was not the case they paid $50-$1.50 just like every survey site out there.  I think the highest payment about was $2.50 and the estimated time was 1 hour. Who wants to make $2.50 an hour?

    But I went ahead and tried some of the surveys because making a few bucks is better than nothing. In total I took 6 surveys. Guess how many surveys I was accepted and paid for, you guessed it 0. I probably wasted 25-30 minutes trying to complete surveys and was not accepted to any of them.

    Along with getting the full list of survey sites there were some other added bonuses for signing up. Things like making money on YouTube, making money on Twitter, and making money with Google Adsense. I decided to check them out, but all they turned out to be was promotional videos that tried to get you to buy the full system.

    Get Cash For Surveys is a complete waste of your time and money. Luckily you buy the product through ClickBank which actually is a good company that has a 60 day money back guarantee. I was able to get my money back, but still for people who don’t know much about online surveys they might think they spent their money well. Hopefully this review helped open your eyes to all the BS in this site and saved you some money.


  3. From the survey sites I signed up for, I could see a few running themes. These sites do not pay “cash”. They reward you with points, and those points can be redeemed for vouchers. Not all allow for cash withdraws. In fact, some don’t even give you a choice of vouchers.
    Some give you NOTHING, and only enter you for a chance to win various products.

    Even those that allow you to withdraw to your Paypal account place an arbitrary value on the money. You make ‘points’ by filling out a survey, and exchange points for discount cards or money via Paypal. One site required 1100 points for $100. I filled out a short survey, totally at random, as fast as I could and received 10 whole points.

    At that speed, for that amount of points, if I worked 100% of every hour, ONLY filling out surveys, I would make about $5 per hour. The problem with that, besides being minimum wage, is that you cannot fill out that many surveys. You must ‘browse’, wait for new surveys to be delivered, and you may be required to do other tasks before you start working (like sign up for something).