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Are you a newbie starting to learn how to excel in Internet Marketing or an experienced marketer who has always been anxious for creating attractive sales pages or a businessman who is seeking a professional for your upcoming sale-pages or a blogger who wishes to refine his blog with unique features? The solution for all this lies with one product which is meant for one and all. It is InstaBuilder.

Instabuilder is a WordPress plug in software developed by Suzanna Theresia. It is available in Zip format. It enables a user to create professional, attractive and responsive sales pages in no time. It has interesting features and advanced tools. It is meant for people who want to run any form of online business. It comes with a complete set of graphics and page templates that are pre designed, stand up to the competition and saves time.

Instabuilder Features

  • It helps to create sales page, landing page, video sales page and squeeze page in no time
  • It contains 50+ templates that are attractive and makes task easier
  • It does not allow downloading viral files from internet. It has a viral lock
  • It allows integration with social media so that your content can be shared amongst these social networking sites
  • It allows optimization of pages for mobiles and tablets. No extra plug in is required

The product is beneficial for those who need to save their time. It is indeed a boon for many.

Instabuilder will serve your purpose of creating sales page, video sale page, squeeze page etc within no time and in much effective and approachable manner. It will ultimately expand your business and drive traffic to your site which otherwise would have been very difficult. Its social media features help a lot in doing so.

Overall it is the best legit product available in the market as it also ensures whether you want to possess one domain name or many. It can enhance your business tremendously. You can yourself see the heights you reach once you use plug in InstaBuilder.


  • The product is available in easy downloadable form and is easy to install and use
  • It has viral lock that does not allow virus to enter your systems
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee. It is risk free and thus trusted by people
  • It has templates already built in which does most of the work and saves time
  • It has customer support available whenever a user requires it
  • Social sharing is available through sites such as facebook and twitter which allows sharing of your content
  • A few mouse clicks can create your sales page in an effective and professional manner
  • No training is required to use this plug in, it is so simple to use
  • You get a choice whether you want a single domain name or unlimited domain names


  • The instructions must be followed if you want to earn money
  • Pre-styled headings are not available

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    After testing some of the other candidates, InstaBuilder was a breath of fresh air. It comes with many options and features, but it manages to keep everything very simple and organized in an easy to use interface.
    InstaBuilder is a plugin that works with any WordPress website and you can still use your regular theme for your blog any any other pages, if you so choose. To turn any of your pages into an InstaBuilder sales page or squeeze page, you simply tick a box in the page editor. Leave it un-ticked, and the regular page (based on your Theme) will be shown.
    I was surprised to see that there are no pre-styled headlines or headline short codes, either. Instead, you have drop-down menus that let you select from a variety of fonts and font sizes. Content dividers are also missing from the picture, as are dedicated testimonial styles.
    These are not catastrophic omissions, as you can still get the result you want, but they do mean that it can be a bit tricky to get the formatting and styling of a page just right, using this plugin.
    In the end, these are minor issues with an otherwise very good product.

  2. Instabuilder has a very memorable name. It’s a wordpress plugin that allows you to quickly create landing pages just like Optimize Press 2. The great thing about this is it’s a WordPress Plugin, which means you don’t have to change your WordPress Theme to use it. Optimize Press 2 is now also a WordPress Theme. It’s an important feature because a lot of people have different themes and we don’t want to change it.

    The strength of Instabuilder lies in it’s ability to create One time offers, Mini Squeeze pages, Product pages, Launch pages and Sales pages. But the weakness of Instabuilder is that like the OLD Optimize Press, there’s a limited option of customizing it. However, it’s a great deal since it’s a one time payment solution for less than $100. If you plan to create membership websites, I would still recommend Optimize Press 2 over instabuilder and you’ll need a Membership software like S2member or Instamember.