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Do you wish to submit you content online and rate your content high in search engines like Google? How would you feel if you come to know that you can submit your content to 2000 content and social media sites? Isn’t it a diverse opportunity? Well, this is actually possible. You can submit your content safely online with Magic Submitter. It will act as a content submitting device for you.

Magic Submitter is owned by Alex Krulik. It is a search engine software that renders its service to submit all sorts of contents including bookmarks, article directories, social networks, PDFs etc. You will not have to go and submit content separately on all the sites. Whenever you create an account. It will take care automatically as to where the content should be submitted.

Magic Submitter will rank your content and you at the top of search engines like Google. It will take you to the top of competitive environment. Currently there are around 2000 sites available to which you can submit your content. Having such a long list of websites helps you to select maximum sites, so that you can submit content. You can simply select sites and content by following step by step wizard. It involves lesser headache for you.

Magic Submitter Features

  • It creates all your accounts that you want to create
  • It will automatically verify all your accounts
  • It checks your content for its originality
  • It submits your content to all the sites that you have selected. They are around 2000 in number
  • It creates all the reports in a professional format for your customers. Preparing of reports won’t bother you
  • It will take care of all your marketing strategies and will help you to be an efficient marketer
  • It has a software setup wizard using which you can set up all backlinks, create accounts and submit content with no loss of time

Overall Magic Submitter has made a very high place for itself in the online market where you can submit the contents with varied opportunities coming across your way. It is a tool you must use if you are really serious about making money. The software saves up your so much time that you would yourself be amazed that you are earning so much in this little time. This software really deserves a “Yes” from you because of the efforts the owner and his staff has put in to make this product a success.


  • It is automated software to create backlinks, accounts and submit contents
  • You can even add up your own sites as per our convenience
  • It is a time tested system that will definitely save your time and effort
  • Your content ranks high among all the best search engines
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee so your money remains secure unless you are satisfied
  • It is available at a low price
  • It has live coaching and training videos as well


  • It is not a spinning tool

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7 Reviews

  1. I had been using Magic submitter in the past. You can do a lot of things using it. For the first few days, they give a discount, then, it is $47/month. But, it is really worth it. However, you need to buy some captcha solver… or else, you have to sit and solve all the captchas. I have found it to be really good.

    There are a lot of important features in there. Once you learn everything and start to get the hang of it, you can easily be building a lot of backlinks. They let you submit articles to article directories, social bookmarks, blogs depending on category among the many other things. Then, I cancelled the account only because I didnt have enough money to keep it going.

    If you are building websites and can easily afford $47/month, it is one of the best investments you can ever make for SEO.

  2. I have Magic Submitter and it works great. There’s tons of reviews about it on the WF so if you search a bit you will get a lot of feedback about it. You get the vendors Skype and he will help you personally if you are really stuck. He actually logged into my VPS and fixed something for me and I’ve heard from others that he does Teamviewer sessions if needed. I honestly don’t think the guy sleeps and it’s sold via clickbank so refunds shouldn’t be an issue at all.

    With the latest Google update I would recommend using it a bit differently. I would build some backlinks manually to your money site using good Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Blogger etc… and then use Magic Submitter to backlink those.

    Like anything, there is a learning cover but once you get the hang of it you can schedule backlinks to your hearts content. I run it on a VPS so it can work 24/7, I use it with HideMyAss and Imagetypez captcha solver. MS doesn’t have a built in captcha solver that I’m aware of.

  3. 1. You download it.

    2. You spin the content. That way it is unique and totally readable. You just put it into spin syntax and then enter that in to MS (Magic Article Rewriter makes this easy and once you buy it, it integrates in MS).

    3. You have nothing to worry about. I’ve been using MS for months to rank clients at the top of Google. And they stay there. It’s all in how you structure your campaign. And MS does it in such a way that it is totally random and high quality. In fact, you can now find blogs, article directories, etc (basically every service in there), specific to your niche from within MS so you are laser targeted. You can even build your own network of blogs and use it.

    4. Yes you CAN do that…but honestly, find a way to afford the software continually. $57 a month isn’t that much. Up here internet is more than that. But yes you could do that. You’d just have to tell Alex every time you want to pay for access again as the system will block your purchase email.

  4. I just signed up for the $5 trial – so far its not bad. You can only create and submit to 10 accounts with the trial – and there has been about an 85 – 90 % success rate for account creations and submissions…I like that you can add your own accounts – it increased the number of account creations to 100% for me.

    I LOVE the “Campaign” mode.

    There are about 12 preset campaigns that let you select the EXACT linking process you want, so you never have to wait for each set of submissions to finish before you link to your linkers. Thats what ‘set it and forget’ should be. And you can even create your own linking and submission campaigns as well.

    Definitely had to get the captcha solver tho – I HATE captchas with a passion

  5. I use Magic Submitter since last year until now. The first obvious reason is I was trying to cut cost. SEnukeXCR was getting too expensive for me at that time.

    Here’s my input – as long as you apply sound SEO principles, keyword branding, relevance, volume, diversified link types, multi-tiered links, etc.. it works.

    Though if you’re thinking long term, you may want to look into getting higher quality backlinks for your money sites.

  6. However, I do still recommend you use more than just Magic Submitter in your link building strategy because although Magic Submitter can serve as an all in one tool to some, it may not be enough if you are going after some really competitive keywords. If you don’t know how to check how competitive keywords are or how many actually back links you need in order to outrank and beat your competition to steal their traffic/money, then you need a powerful ninja tool that I use called Market Samurai.

    With Magic Submitter you can send thousands of links at the click of a button and this helps for most people because it is a huge time saver. You should be careful though because you want to make sure when you are building your links they look natural to the search engines. A cool feature about Magic Submitter is that it allows you to setup a “campaign” and build a variety of links over a period of time so it does look natural and you don’t get the Google slap from panda or penguin updates and loose all your traffic.

    One of the main things you should consider and ask yourself before you purchase any SEO linking building or promotion software is are the links any good? Do they actually get you to the top of the search engines so you can easily attract traffic to your website and get more leads and sales for your business?

    After reading other users magic submitter review and personally using Magic Submitter myself for the past 3 months I can say that the links Magic Submitter sends to your website or blog are a very good mix of high quality and good links. I like that Magic Submitter allows you to see the links and test the quality of them.

    You can actually see the PR of each link before you send it and decide if you only want to send higher quality links or if you want to send some more average links.

    You may also be reading another magic submitter review or come across a software called SeNuke. Most people will compare Magic Submitter with SeNuke and after the research I have done Senuke is apparently just a little better than Magic Submitter, however Senuke is almost 3x the price. Magic Submitter is $67/month and lets you give it a try the first month for just $4.95, plus Magic Submitter comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    Where SeNuke  has a 14 day trial and is $147/month, and only has a 30 day money back guarantee. For the price and the purpose or function of each, Magic Submitter blows SenNuke out of the water hands down. You get pretty much the same amount and quality of links for a fraction of the price. Magic Submitter rocks and gives you the keys to the kingdom while it takes your business to the top.

  7. I used to have good rankings for my websites thanks to the old forums and scrapebox… but penguin and panda changed.
    Anyway, I was after someone to link build for me, I felt like what I needed was a good variety of links being made with good content, daily.

    The trouble is no matter how many diaries and “to do” lists I make, I never stick to them and just don’t find time to do the work for 10 websites everyday along with everything else in my life.

    So when I saw a post on here a few weeks ago (it was an image of all the auto software packages with tick boxes showing features) I was quite interested in the Magic Submitter that was hidden away at the far right of the chart.

    It was $4.95 for the first month, and then $67 per month afterwards, so I decided to give the trial a go, I didn’t expect results in the first month so planned to use it constantly for 3 months and assess the results afterwards.

    However 2 weeks in and I’ve seen some awesome results and I’m ready to share them with you all.

    One site I started work on was on page 5 for 4 key terms (local but a big city) with between 500-3000 searches per month.
    4 days after starting my first campaign, and the site was at the top of page 2 for 3 out of 4 of the phrases.
    14 days later and it’s now at the bottom of page 1 for those three terms, and on page 3 for the fourth (the least competitive phrase).
    I have a feeling the fast results have been from pinging the links being made every few days, I pinged the sites for this site only for the first week and it’s had the fastest results. I normally see a jump up a couple of days after pinging.

    Another site I was working on was brand new and hadn’t been indexed.
    All 15 phrases are very niche, between 50-260 searches per month.
    I’ve ran the same campaign but with a new relevant article again handwritten and handspun.
    After just over 2 weeks,
    3 phrases are on page 1,
    7 are on page 2,
    4 are on page 3,
    and the last one is page 4.
    That’s going from not being indexed, so super fast results from my point of view!

    The 3rd campaign only started a couple of days ago so no results there just yet!

    I just hope the results continue, I’ve made a 3 week campaign and Magic submits articles and links to a variety of sites everyday, I just spend an hour on the article, half hour setting it up, and then leave it running for 3 weeks, then start the next one.
    It looks amazing and I am so pleased with the results.

    I know 2 weeks is still early days, but I just wanted to come on here and recommend it because I used to love being able to get my sites to the top within 3 months back in the good-ol days, and I’m really hopeful that they will stick and move up even further,
    They’ve been climbing continuously with only one mini drop (about 2-3 positions), but then pull back up even higher,