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Are you one of those guys who is always hesitant when it comes to talking to or asking out a girl? If yes, than this article is exactly for you. You are not the only one out there who has to face this problem. Many men have difficulty in initiating a relationship with the opposite sex. They don’t know how to start a talk, how to impress her regardless of any physical feature, how to turn her on etc. To rescue these troubled men Bobby Rio and Rob Judge came up with an amazing product known famously as “Magnetic Messaging”. They both have done research and discovered that talking to a girl face to face is difficult and therefore, texting or SMS is the most appropriate and easy way to initiate a good relationship with a girl.

How Does Magnetic Messaging Work?

In this era of modern technology, laptops, mobile phones, tablet and similar electronic gadgets have become a way of communicating with the world. Even considering a day without these technologies is impossible. Bobby, keeping in view the modern technology, has combined his dating experience with text messaging, so anyone can persuade a woman to date in just few texts. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge claim that you can get a girl in just 3 simple text phases. So what are these phases? We will discuss them briefly to make things clear

Phase1 – Sparking Emotions

Men get turned on by physical features of a women contrary to that, women value emotions more than physical outlook. Therefore, the authors have targeted this area to ensure that a girl starts liking you. They’ve mentioned a number of text messages and templates in that section which you can alter according to your own situation. You just have to show that you care for her emotions and her feelings. Women do like men when they compliment tiny details. Establishing an emotional connection might open your way to her heart.

Phase 2 – Bonding and Connecting

After successful first phase you can proceed to the second i.e. to make a strong connection with your love mate. Talk about something that is very close or dear to her. Care about the things she cares for. Discuss feeling, ideas and habits that you two share in common. Show her that she is made for you and you are made for her. Bring her out of your friend zone and express that how you feel about your relationship.

Phase 3 – Handling Logistics (Final Move)

You will surely get a positive response from the girl if you follow the second phase as mentioned in “Magnetic Messaging”. After that you have to make a strong move. Your text should be in form of personal communication but they will make her ponder that should I date this guy. Your 3rd Phase texts will force her to imagine you as the best guy for her in the world. Bobby Rio mentions these all stages and text messages in detail in his great guide.

Magnetic Messaging – Conclusion

These steps or phases are not based on some mumbo jumbo science but they are scientifically researched and approved methods of impressing a women. The product has helped numerous men out there. It does not seem to have any considerable drawbacks. Moreover, the 60 days money back guarantee proves its authenticity. Those shy lads who have always dreamed to enjoy a married life with their fantasy girl should give it a shot it is highly recommended by our team.

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  1. For the wealth of tips and techniques this product gives you, I think Magnetic Messaging is well worth the reasonable price tag of $47. As well as the eBook, Bobby packs in a treasure trove of bonus material including “The 99 Best Texts of All Time” which is a PDF you can download to your phone. This is a lifesaver whenever you’re stuck for words.

    Other bonus material includes video training you mustn’t miss on how to make a girl infatuated with you and a report on the 12 best conversation topics.

    I’ve bought quite a few eBooks in the past, all of which don’t get used nearly as much as this one for the simple reason that it’s practical and it works.

    It’s pretty simple really. If your phone game sucks and you want material you can use immediately to get a date or rekindle a girl’s interest in you, Magnetic Messaging is a must have.