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My Family Survival is a comprehensive guide to protect yourself and your loved ones in emergency situations. In the last few decades, our world has gone through tremendous changes. Natural calamities and disasters have increased by and large, causing death to thousands of human beings. Consequently, the economic conditions have also worsened; the ongoing economic depression has forced many to leave their homes. In such deteriorating circumstances it has become more of a necessity to have knowledge of dealing with unseen challenges. The main emphasis of the eBook My Family Survival course is absolutely same.

Who is Jason Richards ?

Jason Richards, an ex-military officer is the survival of My Family Survival Course. He is a survival expert, also running many other programs to teach people how to endure worse situations. Jason Richards is a famous survivalist who has not only endured, but also lived healthily in the wilderness facing all the deadly situations for months. Having seen death very closely numerous times during his life, we can say that he knows the art to trick death. He developed The My Family Survival course to inform people all over the world about survival techniques during economic depression and governmental failure, which other survival guides somewhat fail to teach. Of course, the world is not a peaceful place to live in; we have seen a number of wars during last century. Jason is bold and brave enough to discuss survival during a martial law or warfare.

What is My Family Survival Course?

My Family Survival Course mainly relates to the survival techniques. You will get eBooks containing almost 279 pages filled with information, tips, tricks and secrets to endure any kind of situation. Following are the books you are going to find in the package.

  • Family Survival Course Beginners
  • Family Survival Course Advanced
  • Home made food and natural remedies
  • Medical Emergency Survival
  • No Stress during the Crisis
  • Seasonal Survival
  • Survive any Disaster
  • What you will find in the course

The book covers all the aspects that a family could face during a disaster or shortage. It goes around all the points from preparing the mind to acquiring the survival tools. Are you facing an economic crisis? The guide gives 44 recipes;you can have all of them for $300. In natural disasters there is a pretty much chance of getting yourself injured for such situations this program has stated herbal remedies to heal yourself.

Loots and robberies are common in some states and it is of utter importance that you prepare yourself for it. You don’t have to worry If you get this book. It states straightforward and easy methods to how to keep calm in such situations and keep the looters away from your home.

The book really helps you in cutting down your expenses and saving thousands of dollars for your own welfare instead of wasting them elsewhere. The book delivers all what it promises.

My Family Survival course – Conclusion

I sincerely think that the above-mentioned drawbacks should not stop you from getting it. Sometimes we have to do boring things for safeguard of our family and our loved ones. In addition, the 60 days money back guarantee further helps the case. If you don’t understand it or find it difficult you can return it unconditionally.


  • The e-Book has a lot of pages to read and if you are not into reading than it is not for you
  • The book is only available online for download. However, downloading the book is fast and easy
  • Video illustration of the techniques mentioned in the book could have been better

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