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Paid Surveys at Home have captured the eyes of online marketers since the time internet evolution started. Are you looking for such a job where you can be paid at home and you can do this task apart from all your daily chores? Yes, it is true in this fast moving era of technology. It is possible through Paid Surveys At Home.

Paid Surveys At Home is an online site that pays you for what you are thinking. It is a survey represented by Patricia Johnson. Many offline business companies are present which pays you for your opinion because they want to know what is there in a customer’s mind when they go for shopping, what they are thinking and what they want to buy. This helps them to improve the status of their products which ultimately increases their market and sale of product.

Paid Surveys At Home does the same task for you. You can stay at home and give your opinion for the product. Here you have to do series of tasks that will fetch you money no matter what is your age, how qualified you are, whether you are retired, full time worker or part time worker. This job is meant for you. Here you have to go for certain tasks like:

  • Taking online surveys where you will know about the people online.
  • Participating in focus groups which look forward for focusing on a particular product and increasing its market. The focusing group discusses all the product details.
  • Taking telephonic surveys.
  • Trying out the new products which are to be launched in the market. As a bonus you will also get free products to keep.
  • You have to preview new movie trailers which in itself are an entertainment.

Working from home can become a cup of tea for you, if you are willing to look for a particular job and moreover you know where to find it. Thousands of people are earning from home. Yes, you can generate cash with Paid Surveys at Home. You just need to find an appropriate site which can pay you for the work you do and the best site for this is Paid Surveys At Home.


  • The site and the work offered is easy to handle and do not require much effort. You can make a good amount of money within minutes
  • They give you five ways to earn money, which are :
    • Focus groups
    • Telephonic interviews
    • Mailed paper surveys
    • In Person interviews
    • Paid online surveys
  • When you sign up with the site you get a list of websites that will pay you for surveying
  • Within first week you will start earning, so it gives productive and fast results
  • You get a way to express your opinions; no job can be better than this where you get paid for what you think
  • You get paid for the surveys you do no false promises are made


  • Earlier there was a problem in user assistance but now it has been solved and has an effective interface

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  1. Well, Paid Surveys at Home breaks both rules that most people use to determine whether or not a paid survey company is legit. First, it quotes rarely seen and hard to believe earnings for survey completion. Second, it charges you a fee to get access to the surveys.

    Completing paid surveys, or doing online market research in general, is a well documented work at home opportunity. The general rule of thumb is that it does not pay much at all, but it is an easy, stress free way to make some extra money each month.

    The earnings that Paid Surveys at Home is quoting are hard to believe. Most well respected market research companies pay $5-$10 for survey completion at their highest end; most surveys pay closer to $1-$2. And considering that these smaller surveys generally take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, that’s not ridiculous.

    Also, market research companies are completely free to join. Paid Surveys at Home is charging you because they compiled a list of major survey companies.

  2. Paid Surveys At Home claim unrealistic earnings on their first page. You’re lucky to qualify for a small handful of surveys per month from any survey sites they provide.

    At best, you’ll be making $10 to $20 dollars on each one monthly, and that’s just to reach their minimum payout cap, so you won’t always get that money until you reach 20 to 50 dollar cash out limits imposed on many paid survey sites.

    Another reason not to join most survey sites is that they invariably sell the personal data that you provide them to third party clients for lucrative sums, at the expense of your email getting swamped with spam, and sometimes phone calls.

    I do not recommend Paid Surveys At Home in any way whatsoever if you are looking for serious money. There are far better ways of earning a living.


    I can tell you that taking online surveys to make money is mostly hype than anything else and you will see that all over the website. These kind of make money online opportunities like to sell a lot of hype to people who are just entering in the whole make an online industry and will say anything and give out any of the benefits they can so that you join in and make money off you.

    Never mind whether or not they’re going to provide valuable training that can actually show an average person to make money. No. They’re more focused on getting you to plug your credit card and do something that can keep you busy and distracted from realizing what’s going on. I cannot recommend Paid Surveys at Home.

  4. I’ve been taking surveys and earning cash for a little over 2 years now. I’ve collected a variety of sites that have honestly paid me money over time for simply taking surveys. Lets be honest, you can’t live off of surveys, you’re just not going to make enough money, but you can earn some extra spending money. On Average i pull in around $20-$40 a month depending on how many surveys i get, qualify for, and the price paid for completeing them. The trick is to sign up with lots of sites so you get as many surveys as possible.