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So you have a DSLR. But does it give you the image that you want? Or does it still look mediocre, average, boring, dry, dull and anything that could describe how bad those photos that you took looks. In that case, you might not as well have the camera. But do not lose hope, rescue is coming. Introducing- the “Photography Masterclass”.

Photography Masterclass Introduction

“Photography Masterclass” is a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step training program in photography that will teach you on how to catch pro images with any DSLR cameras at any time.

“Photography Masterclass is a set of 29 videos that will total for 11 hours and 26 minutes in-depth training.  These videos are hosted and can be watched right away by streaming online from any device with a web browser and connection in the internet.

The 29 videos on “Photography Masterclass” are divided into 4 modules; Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera, Photography Equipment, Composition and Shot Planning and lastly, Post-Production and Software.

“Photography Masterclass” has 3 bonuses that goes with it, they are; DSLR Camera Equipment Guide, Portrait Mode Simulator and Virtual Lighting Simulator.

Evan Sharboneau: The Photography Master

Evan Sharboneau is a photographer and has been helping over 9.2 million of people to make gorgeous images using digital cameras. He is also an author of a lot of photography books including this one, the “Photography Masterclass”. He spent time reading blogs, forums, books, manuals and watching videos but none of that helped him. He used to take awful photos before he found out professional techniques, few basic principles that make it possible to take good photos at any given time. He sees it like a reflex that just knows when the shutter should be click.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before downloading the “Photography Masterclass” downloadable eBook.

Photography Masterclass Conclusion

This “Photography Masterclass” discusses here in details the basic fundamentals or basic principles, as well as all the key points a person should know when taking pictures. But it is just applicable to DSLR camera? Should photography and photography classes should be just for DSLR? There are also cameras which almost have the same features as a DSLR, so it might be worth trying to see if it also applies to these gadgets. Despite of its weakness to its applicability, it is still effective for those who have DSLR’s.


  • It discusses the fundamentals that apply to the DSLR camera
  • Get comfortable with the full mode and settings of the camera
  • You are going to know in detail every equipment that is needed in photography
  • Aside from that, you will also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and elements in Photoshop
  • Less costly than enrolling in a formal class


  • Others may not be appreciative of shortcuts method
  • Specified for DSLR cameras only

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4 Reviews

  1. It is a nice course that is definitely bound to help you.I recommend you to try the course and see for yourself. Unless you are very lazy or busy and are absolutely sure you will never see the videos, don’t buy it. Most of the people have loved his way of teaching (with videos and text) and have found it to be very useful. It is a good addition to your kit no matter how advanced or bad you might be.

  2. As soon as I heard Evan had released a new programme I knew I had to have it.
    Evan Sharboneau is a brilliant, successful, highly rated and enthusiastic photographer with many years experience.
    A course that covers a lot of material in a well presented, easy to follow and professional way.
    I would like to have seen the course cover just a little bit more on basic photography for the beginner/newbie striving to master photography.
    However that is a small criticism of a great product.

  3. I am a bit shocked and amazed with those tutorials. Honestly, I saw quite a bit of similar materials on the web, but the advices, tips, etc this guide provide are so practical and easy to understand!

  4. Liked the photography course. Learned some really clever techniques.