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Is it pink? Or is it blue? Arrrggghhh… the pain of not knowing which one to buy and what to prepare for is depressing because you do not know if you are having a baby boy or girl right? The ultrasound will be due in another month and you just could not wait. But what if I will tell you, that you could have the chance to know, even at the start of the pregnancy. “Plan My Baby”- this is the opportunity I am talking about.

Plan My Baby Introduction

“Plan My Baby” has 3 important steps to be followed if you want to choose the gender of your baby before getting impregnated. Step 1, Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You are Ovulating for conceiving a boy or a girl. Step 2; Adjust Your Diet to Create and Ideal Environment for Sperm X or Sperm Y. And the 3rd step is, Use a Particular Sexual Position to Conceive a Boy or a Girl.

A sneak peek inside the “Plan My Baby” Prince or Princess Guide talks about the wrong methods used in having children, how conception works and factors affecting it, x and y chromosome sperm and how to control it, dietary program which will boost your chance to conception, information on how to increase fertility, calculating the ovulation date, the importance of different levels of vagina’s pH, different sexual positions, timing of your intercourse and try to achieve orgasm.

“Plan My Baby” also comes with bonuses like the “Plan My Baby Ultimate Edition, A Healthy Pregnancy Guide and Breastfeeding Secrets. Also click here to see the best strap-on baby carriers.

Alicia Pennington: The Gender Planner

Alicia Pennington is a married woman with 2 kids, Marie who is 6 years old and the younger Dylan is 2 years old. That is how Alicia Pennington and his husband want specifically the order of their kids, daughter first then a son. Today, she was able to live the dream that they want because of an effective natural methods of gender selection she discovered and put into writing, the Prince or Princess? Choosing your Baby’s Gender Before Conception in “Plan My Baby”. And because of that, she also wants to share this knowledge to the world.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying this “Plan My Baby” book.

Plan My Baby Conclusion

Although there are loopholes in the construction of words or simply maybe because the product itself is touching some issues, “Plan My Baby” is still a good product to buy especially those who want to choose the gender of the baby.


  • The chance to decide for the gender of your baby
  • All natural method, no injections and no drugs and no complicated medical procedures
  • Lesser fees compared to going to consult a doctor
  • Success rate of 94%
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Researched and proven with back-up testimonials


  • The key to disappointment is setting up high expectations, if a mother would expect that they will have a boy or a girl, and they will not get it because of the possibility of the 6% possibility that is not effective, it will cause distress. Imagine what disappointment can do to the relationship between a mother and a child?
  • There is no such thing as “perfect” baby. Perfection is not an adjective to describe and also it is subjective. The baby should be accepted as what they are. They may be the baby boy that you choose, but have Tourette’s syndrome or any disease, is it still based on the concept of perfection? No, but the baby should be accepted and loved as to what and who they are.
  • Imagine what your child will feel if the child knows he was “controlled” even before he or she was born?
  • I would like to point out on the statement that “it will work regardless of age”. As we all know, this is not true, there is what we called the child-bearing age.

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