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When your computer or laptop was new, it runs smoothly, perfect to a “T”. But as the days, months, years gone by, you noticed a change in performance. It will probably lag causing you to delete some of your files thinking the memory might be full, but still- delayed. It would now open seconds to minutes to open files which make you wonder, what the hell is freaking wrong? The cursor now is like a hypnotic gadget that you will see it whirling round and round as it loads your files..lllooooongggeeeerrrr.  Problems like this, you need “Smart PC Fixer”.

Smart PC Fixer Introduction

 Blue screen, lock up, errors, lesser garbage files? “Smart PC Fixer” will be the answer that you need to fix errors on Windows and optimize your system so that it will run smoothly in just 2 minutes. This product has been a winner of over 100 5- star awards since 2002. You will be amazed on how this thing will optimize your PC. First, it will do the scanning. Then, it will fix errors in the system, improve start-up, registry cleaning, disk defragging and optimize settings in the system to increase speed and performance for a healthy, stable PC.

 “Smart PC Fixer” requires Windows 2000 and above, Internet Connection, 50MB free hard disk space, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above and logged as an administrator in the system. Your all in one PC care includes; Registry Cleaner, PC Optimizer, Fix Errors, File Extension, DII Fix, Disk Defrag, DII Download and Windows updates

 The following are the features of “Smart PC Fixer”: Scan & Clean, System Optimize, IE Tools, System Fix, System Tools and Backup.

LionSea Software Co., Ltd: Smart PC Fixer Developer

 LionSea Software Co., Ltd sticks to its principles:” User First, Product Excellent, Brave in Innovation and Never Stop Improving and the creation of “Smart PC Fixer” is an example to that. They are a modern enterprise that mixed science and technology, industry and trade. Its team comprises of high qualities and first class persons. As a team they created high quality software that is very reliable, and the management level faces continuous improvement, quality product are maintained and assure users of their products excellent quality.

 As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before you download the “Smart PC Fixer”.

Smart PC Fixer Conclusion

Our PC is one of our essentials, especially if you are into the computer or online business.  The yearly payment is small compared to the benefits that you can get from “Smart PC Fixer”.


  • Helping your PC to run smoothly and fix errors
  • Good backup and support from the company just in case if you have a problem with your purchase
  • Inexpensive yearly subscription using all features of this product
  • Prevents freezing and frequent crashing


  • If your PC does not meet the requirements for this software, then you cannot use this

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