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The world we live in is no more a safe place. Nature is wild and unforgiving and in the last few decades we have seen the worst. This may be all due to the environmentally harmful activities of human but this is a fact that natural calamities have severely increased. Consequently, the economic conditions have also worsened; the ongoing economic depression has forced many to leave their homes. In such deteriorating circumstances, it has become more of a necessity to have knowledge of dealing with unseen challenges. Hurricanes and floods like Katrina, Tsunami and Sandy have worked as an eye opener for many people and they have considered to get trained and prepared for the worst situations. Damian Campbell, an expert survivalist has developed an e-Book “Sold Out After Crisis” which is especially formulated to prepare people for any type of food shortage. The main emphasis of the book is to make you aware of the importance of food in days of turmoil and how to conserve food for them.

Why Should You Buy Sold Out After Crisis?

It is tested and proven that most of the Americans are unaware of safety and survival measures of facing a catastrophe. This means that most of them are vulnerable and can be easily hit by the wrath of nature. Are you one of them? If you are nodding your head at the moment, then don’t risk your life. Prepare yourself for the unseen. Sold Out After Crisis is one of those authentic e-Books which tells you how to slowly and steadily equip and prepare yourself with enough food that you can last for months without running out of it. The guide is basically related to food, how to stock it, where to stock it, how to conserve it etc. The expert author Damian has detailed 37 foods that will help you last longer in the days of crisis. His tips and guidelines will help you survive more than 3 months on your own food supplies.

His program includes in depth information about 37 cheap yet long lasting food items. The program will guide you how to stock food every week and pile it up for worst days. Some of the food items are:

  • Water
  • Canned products
  • Unsalted Peanuts
  • Soups etc.

Sold Out After Crisis – Buy it or Not?

We get one chance to live our life and wasting it away easily is foolish. Therefore, we must strive to keep ourselves safe. Authors like Damian Campbell have written authentic books on enduring worst situations. Similarly, Sold Out After Crisis offers a great value for the money you pay.


  • The Guide is straightforward and easy to follow
  • The foods mentioned in the program are cheap and easily available
  • The program elaborates tiniest of the details about preserving and storing the food
  • The meals or food products mentioned are nutritious and healthy
  • It also gives information on gardening them so you can get them economically
  • It isn’t a single day program, you stock them weekly basis which is helpful in keeping the budget low
  • Mentions the ways you can get energy resources, water and sustainable food in critical situations
  • For skeptics and careful customers the authors offer a 60 days money back guarantee. You can return the product without any hesitation if you don’t find it useful


  • The book does not contain complete survival guide. Its chief focus area is food supplies during any critical situation. However, the author has mentioned some general survival tips too
  • The author tries to present the worst case scenarios to create fear in the minds of the customers in order to make them read the whole book

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3 Reviews

  1. This is by far the worst and most useless collection of pamphlets or non useful information, I have ever run across. I was able to collect 10 times or more information for free off the internet. It is page after page of hype and disaster painting to get a person worked up into thinking what if. That was the only redeeming quality of the whole thing. And then not really! If you were not already thinking about it you would not have looked up this book. There is no special list of 37 foods that will sell out that most people with any common sense won’t already have or be getting. If fact some of the items are down right bad for you on the calorie or nutrition level. Ramon noodles have no intrinsic value outside of using them as a filler. MRE’s may have at one point been a bad choice as far as nutrition they have since been changed. They are good mixed with rice or pasta . I would have given this a negative 20 but 1 is as low a rating as it allows. I am sending my copy back today

  2. I’ve been collecting disaster, crisis, apocalyptic books for years now and this was the worst investment I have made.

    This was not even mildly useful. I this to find a gimmick of a hype. It offers very little nutrition information, no real reason these items are critical, no proof of these items selling out fast, no offer of better suited products, no alternatives.

    2 of the items I wouldn’t even buy to feed my dog let alone buy for my family.

    It slanders MRE’s not taking in consideration that many new versions released do not cause constipation and have more nutritional value than the food in which they offer.

  3. Someone with absolutely ZERO preparedness experience or knowledge could assemble this ENTIRE package, using nothing but Google and some keywords (like survival, prepared, etc) in an afternoon. In fact, I already knew of three different FREE manuals online that held the exact same information and recommendations as this one…I sent those sites in with my complaint to them.

    The presentation was nothing special, there was absolutely no interactivity to it…basically, someone created their own version of a free preparedness manual, pitched it as something new and special, and is selling it.

    I cannot recommend this product, even to new people, as they can get the exact same info for free on the net.

    And after all their claims of years of research and talking to experts and information you won’t find anywhere else, there was not ONE piece of info you could not get free, online, let alone by contacting the Red Cross or the like…

    This product borders on a scam. I am reserving full scam judgement until they respond to my complaint.

    If their other products are anything like this, avoid the entire company.

    At very least, do not buy any of the “” stuff…if you want to know, I can send you links (for free) of sites you can download the exact same information (for free).

    I give this product a rating of both thumbs down, zero stars out of a hundred