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Your child just stood there, innocently, holding back his or her tears and trying not to cry, trying to tell you something but could not, and at first you did not notice it, until it flows on the floor and smells like DIAPER CHANGE!!! And you do not know how to react, clueless, embarrassed, frustrated and you feel like you should melt too. If only I done this, if only I done that. Stop worrying and stop the “if only”, it is about time you should meet, “Start Potty Training”!

Start Potty Training Introduction

“Start Potty Training” is set of unknown methods that are easy and quick in toilet training your kids in 3 short days that are said to be effective also in stubborn children. It comes in a bundle of audio, video and readable version together for the user’s convenience. There is also version of this that will work on all eReaders.

This material “Start Potty Training” is made up of 6 crucial building blocks; Preparing the Child, Preparing Yourself, The First Day is Crucial, Potty Training at Night, The Final Days and Pay Very Close Attention.

“Start Potty Training” comes with a lot of bonuses like an incredible collection of free reward charts and success certificates, personal support from the author or consultation that may be for free or with a fee and free bonus guide entitled- Parenting: How to Raise Great Kids.

Caroline Cline: The Potty Trainer

Caroline Cline is named as the “The Potty Guru”, a regular mother of 4 kids who developed this “Start Potty Training” program. When she was 11 years old, she dreamt of having 13 kids on a house by a river. But today, she is taking care for over 40 children with the day care center business that she built.

Her inspiration in making this program “Start Potty Training” is her first child Emily who is 26-month old at that time. She researched, tried and tested some techniques and accepts the tips contributed by the parents of her center.

“Start Potty Training” starts from the notes she had written and compiled and then she thoroughly selects which methods are effective. She handed it to the parents to be tested and started receiving calls since. Later on, her friend suggested that she should use the internet for her business.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying “Start Potty Training”.

Start Potty Training Conclusion

Toilet training is a part of every kid’s life that may be overlooked by some parents, but know that this is very important since learning to control the child’s body needs leads to a sense of accomplishment and independence, according to Sigmund Freud. This stage helps in the development of a child’s personality that is dependent on how the parents look at toilet training. One can never be too lenient, or too rigid. “Start Potty Training” may appear rigid but it is found to be very effective in toilet training toddlers.


  • Cheaper that you can save without wasting your money on diapers
  • 8 weeks get your money back 100% guarantee
  • Will help your child get out of diaper fast
  • 94 % success rate based on surveys
  • Tested by parents supported by testimonials


  • 6% failure rate
  • Is the parent’s appropriate reaction to “accidents “discussed?
  • 3 days sounds rigid training to me

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