Superior Singing Method

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This is the Voice! American Idol! And the arenas that you can join singing competitions are getting plenty. Are you thinking of joining any of this contests or any local contests? Do you dream to be a recording star? Or you might just want to improve your singing skills for yourself? Whatever your reason is, the answer is here- the“Superior Singing Method”.

Superior Singing Method Introduction

The “Superior Singing Method” system gives you a 31 dynamic vocal training exercises and techniques that are divided into 8 modules: Unique Vocal Warm-Up Exercises, Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing, Mastering Vocal Tone, Improving Pitch, Resonance and Singing with Power, The Mix Voice and Singing Higher Notes, Improving Vocal Agility and Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques.

Aside from the 8 modules and 31 dynamic vocal exercises audios that the “Superior Singing Method” will offer, it also has over 50 step-by-step videos that will guide you all the way. It also contains 4 bonuses: Guide to Performing, Guide to Music Marketing, Developing your Head Voice and Vocal Agility that will be yours if you order right away.

 Aaron Anastasi: The Voice Behind

Aaron Anastasi is the world prominent vocal instructor who developed the step-by-step course of   “Superior Singing Method”. He said he was not a musical genius or born innately with musical power. His method is more on practice since he does not received any formal education in music. Aaron Anastasi was given a chance to major in vocal analysis, making him understand more on how the voice works and how to make it better.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before buying the “Superior Singing Method”.

Superior Singing Method Conclusion

Superior Singing Method” is not your traditional way of teaching or receiving voice lessons. The old-style way of teaching is face to face coaching and this is not one of those. Although some people would like the traditional ways, some people are now open to the modern means. With the research and trials this product had undergone to be efficient as it is, plus it is designed as a step by step process, “Superior Singing Method” is worth trying for.


  • You will learn how to control your vocals and improve its power
  • Develop excellent pitch
  • You will learn how to sing with full, rich and smooth tone that is distinctively yours
  • Systematic approach with audio and video exercises
  • Cheaper than a personal coaching from Mr. Anastasi himself
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Underwent a lot of research
  • Testimonials are given that it is effective by those who have already tried it


  • How will one know if they are doing the right thing without personal coaching?
  • Rely solely on one’s capacity to judge their voice making the concept of “great voice” subjective.
  • Some people prefer personal coaching
  • Correction and prompt assessment is not done right away

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