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From the face of a child, an icon, to the names of people, to the roses and to the butterflies, the designs are endless. From the chest, arm, thigh to the lower back and to anywhere in the body, tattoos are placed. A lot of people have different views of it, from being taboo to being artistic, the reasons vary. But for those who super love tattoo and bring their creativity to the next level, welcome to “Tattoo Me Now”.

Tattoo Me Now Introduction

This is a website where you can find anything about tattoos- “Tattoo Me Now”.  A site where you can find 7, 200 high quality tattoo designs, stencils, photos, tattoo fillers backgrounds and more.

“Tattoo Me Now” has an extensive photo gallery that can inspire and ignite ideas. There are 5000+ of tattoo designs that are presented and uploaded by the members where they can get feedback by commenting and ratin.  You can also create beautiful lettering tattoos with the site’s lettering creator and edit it.

In “Tattoo Me Now”, you can also gain access to; The Inspiration Gallery™, Fillers & Backgrounds, Tattoo/Image Editor, Ask the Tattoo Artist, “Epic” Tattoo of the Day and Meet Like-Minded People.

“Tattoo Me Now” works in two ways; 1st you can use their site to find your dream tattoo, print it out and then bring it to your artist so they can work it for you or use the site as the source of inspiration for great ideas.

You can choose a plan that works for you in “Tattoo Me Now” where you can get access 24/7. The 1st plan is for one month and for one-time payment. Next, is for one year and for one-time payment where you can get all the perks from the 1st plan plus a coupon which you can use for discount. Lastly, is for lifetime plan and still one-time payment.

“Tattoo Me now” also comes with 2 bonuses which are The Definitive Guide to Getting an Awesome Tattoo and The 248 Most INCREDIBLE Tattoo Artists in the World.

Mark Hanes: The Tattoo Site Creator

Mark Hanes is the creator of this site “Tattoo Me Now”. The graphics and the lay-out as well as the wordings were carefully planned and well-thought of. It is well arranged and flows smoothly as you go through each subsection. I can say that Mark Hanes have done a great job in making this site.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before accessing the site “Tattoo Me Now”.

Tattoo Me Now Conclusion

With lots of designs where it seems to be overpowering, this will still be a good site for you. If you are a lover of art, and you want to have a wide array of tattoo designs or you want to get in touch with your creative design, as well as interact with the artists, then there is no reason that would stop you from trying this site.


  • New designs added regularly
  • Well supported by the site as you can contact them if you need assistance
  • Beautiful, creative tattoos that you can choose from
  • Let’s you get in contact with the artists
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Get overwhelmed with lots of designs which can be confusing

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