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You were shocked of the result, when the dog house that you created does not look like a dog house at all. Worst, it does not even look closer to what you want to achieve.  But you followed the instructions correctly right? How did it turn out to be a disaster? You are thinking of giving up, thinking this might not be your area, and will just buy or have someone to do it for you. But wait, why spend another dollar, when you can grab “Ted’s Woodworking” material and tools like best miter saw for free?

Ted’s Woodworking Introduction

“Ted’s Woodworking” is the personal vault of the author Mr. Ted McGrath. It contains of 16,000 and more woodworking plans that are readily done for you in a step by step process. It is very detailed with clear diagrams and blue prints that have those clear measurements so that you can do it perfectly. It also has the lists of materials and the suppliers information lists so you do not have to worry about the possibility of buying the wrong material.

Plans from “Ted’s Woodworking” can be done easily and in a fun way. With its 16,000 designs you do not have to buy another woodworking books again, for this alone is complete and comprehensive.

When you purchase “Ted’s Woodworking” learning materials, there are bonuses that go along with this. These are the following bonuses: DWG & CAD Plan Viewer, 150 Videos of Woodworking Lessons, How to Start Woodworking Business which is a book, 200 pages of Woodworking Guides, 1 year personal coaching and lifetime updates.

Ted McGrath: The Prominent Woodworker

Ted McGrath is the author and the hands behind “Ted’s Woodworking”. He was known all ever the world and a proud member of Woodworker International Institute. He does not believe in the plans presented in DIY magazines and stores because according to him, it skips important steps and the diagrams are just wrong. He was also a public figure that he gets interviews from the Entrepreneur magazines, TV shows like USA Today and NBC and in many other radio stations. He was also the author of best -selling books like, Art of Woodworking and Wood Projects Made Easy.

“Ted’s Woodworking” by Ted McGrath is composed of 16,000 designs that have been developed for over 36 years. These designs have been exhibited all over the world and this cannot be found on any other DIY magazines.

When he was a young boy, he used to watch his father worked in his workshop for he was quite a woodworker. When his dad passed a way, he picked up woodworking to honor his dad, but it was not in his genes. He buys plans after plans but he still failed. Just when he was about to give up, he was introduced to the best carpenter in town who took interest in his passion for woodworking. He then attended the carpenter’s workshop and learned from him. What started with one project moves to another and another and then it piled up. So he thought that he should be writing out blueprints for everything he was doing so others could do it too.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before accessing “Ted’s Woodworking.”

Ted’s Woodworking Conclusion

This “Ted’s Woodworking” book has amass of design collections that are very all-encompassing and comprehensive that everything you need is here, and will be of great help especially for those who love to do wood works.


  • Very wide array of collection to choose from
  • Easy, fun to do, detailed and systematic
  • Average people can do it
  • Supported by the author and back-up testimonials


  • May not yield a perfect resultfor first timers who will do it

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