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Couples usually struggle when they enter into a new relationship. They are unable to express their feelings to their partners in the right way and consequently they mess up their relationship. It is not just the new couples, old partners especially husbands and wives suffer rough patches in their personal and sexual lives. The author of the eBook, “Text The Romance Back” Michael Fiore understand these type of complexities in such relationships, therefore he has revealed a unique way to rekindle your dull and drab relation with your partner. In his digital eBook, he has categorically explained that how you can use simple text messages to keep your relationships lively and intimate.

What is in “Text The Romance Back” ?

It is not a single e-book, the whole package contains 4 different products. It also includes MP3 transcripts for better understanding. We like the MP3 feature of the program as reading might be disturbing for some of the users. Following are packages inside the program:

  • The Crib Sheet (Quick method containing 25 pages)
  • Text The Romance Back E-book (Detailed guide of 124 pages)
  • The FAQ book
  • I Like Myself Worksheet

I Like Myself Worksheet is also one of the exclusive features of this program. It explains that a person cannot attract someone else towards himself/herself unless he likes himself/herself.  This boosts up your confidence and makes you capable enough to attract people towards yourself.

Who can use Text The Romance Back?

The book does not focus on a single kind of couples or relationships. Michael Fiore has wisely developed this book as he mentions how different people can alter the text messages according to the need of their relationships. We have mentioned some case scenarios on which the book lays emphasis:

Text The Romance Back is for you if

  • You feel that things are going good in your relationship, but that sparkle has gone missing. Your partner does not take interest in you anymore
  • You are in a new relationship and do not know how to make your partner completely involved in you
  • You’re dating and want to evade all those blunders you’ ve made in previous relationships
  • You are just too busy in your job or other stuff to carry on a loving and romantic relationship
  • You long for a unique and intimate communication with your hubby and believe that you are tearing apart the relationship
  • If you feel stuck in your relationship – The guide will help you to speed up things
  • You crave more love romance and sex with your partner but do not have time or cannot convince her. The program gives you tips for digital foreplay that will have you and your partner to make most of every moment you get
  • You are experiencing a rough patch with your partner due to problems like money, cheating, lack of time, attitude or similar problems
  • For those who are divorced and want to enter long-term relationships but need guidance for starting the things all over again
  • You and your partner are always fighting on some stupid stuff and can’t figure out what is the actual reason behind it. This program is specially targeted to bring an end to your trivial fights and bring back the intimacy you once used to enjoy in the relationship
  • If the relationship between you and your partner is growing dry and you have lost the charm of your relationship than this program acts just like a time machine that brings back those golden moments you crave for
  • You’re mostly away from your partner due to your job, work commitments or any other reason. The program will guide you to keep the warmth of your bonding as it was before

Text The Romance Back – The Verdict

The program does not have any particular cons; however, the only drawback is that it is not available in the market. It is only available online but can be downloaded in a blink of an eye. Text The Romance Back is worth trying if you are facing serious problems in your relationships. The program offers a 60 days unconditional money back guarantee ensuring that your hard earned money is not wasted.

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3 Reviews

  1. I did this on Wednesday, after lunch. He texted me and called me that night. On Thursday (yesterday) he called and asked if he should book a room for us to spend the night together. Sounded really cheesy saying things that I normally would not say to a man BUT. . . THANKS
    MICHAEL, it works!!.

  2. So what’s the overall verdict of Text The Romance Back? – Well, the product definitely works…that’s not a question. And the quality of the product is much better than I anticipated…in fact, with the 4 different parts…it is superb!  And if you’re like any normal guy or gal, then you would love rekindle that fire of romance BACK the way it was when you first fell in love

  3. A healthy and fulfilling relationship should never lack intimacy or romance. Technology (more specifically, communications technology like texting or the internet) made it so that there is no excuse, whether distance or lack of time, to have consistent, constant, and endearing communication with your significant other or love interest. Michael’s attempt to help two people in love find ways to express their feelings through texting or instant messaging should be deemed exceptional, which is why I am giving it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.