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Have you lost the love of your life and you are getting a feeling that you have lost them forever? There is no way that you can get them back in your lives. Is that the case with you? If you love them enough that you want them back then you have come to the right place as it will lead you to get your ex back. You can get them back in your lives by a simple product The Ex factor guide.

The Ex Factor Guide is created by Brad Browning who has given the detailed study of what you should study and do to get your ex back. The book has a logical approach and easy to use. In this book there are the efficient steps that will help you to learn more and more. The product will simply help you to solve your relationship mess and make it simple.

The Ex Factor Guide features

  • It helps you to know where your relationship went wrong that is analyzing your relationship
  • Create a feeling of jealousy in your ex’s mind
  • It will help you to spend some time alone
  • It tells you whether you should contact your ex or not
  • How you should respond once they contact you
  • It will help you to build up effective communication skills and body language
  • It will help you to deal with the heart breaking pain of break up
  • It will teach you the techniques to seduce your ex
  • It will give you proper and complete advice as little knowledge is a dangerous thing

The Ex Factor Guide contains

  • The Ex factor guide
  • Three PowerPoint presentations by the assistant of the creator, which helps to get over your ex
  • Booklet : 10 commandments of sexual Attraction, which will help you to attract your ex physically
  • Booklet: Seven steps to sex appeal, which contains information regarding how you can improve yourself for your ex

If you can feel the never ending pain of your relationship and have that ultimate aspiration to have your ex back in your life. Then, there is only one genuine thing that can help you out an it is The Ex Factor guide.


  • The real life examples help to boost up your spirit after break up
  • It improves the overall demean our of a person
  • Every possible situation of a break up is given deep consideration
  • Psychologically research able and proven techniques are taken into consideration, so that they give the best result ever
  • Different presentations and booklets enhance the user interest and scope of bringing back their ex. No extra cost is required with it
  • The program is instantaneous; available on internet whenever required


  • The product is available only online so good knowledge of internet is required
  • A relationship can be different than those mention in the guide

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3 Reviews

  1. This product is best suited to guys who have very recently split up with their girlfriend. It focuses on making sure you don’t do any of the things that you will feel emotionally compelled to do, but will only make things worse and drive your ex further away.

    There are things you are taught to do that are aimed at making your ex feel jealous and wanting to see you again, and how to make this happen. But the focus in mainly on getting her into bed, after which everything will supposedly take care of itself. It doesn’t show you how to address the problems you had in your relationship and lay the foundation for a solid future together.

    This product can be useful for you if you are able to distinguish the good advice from the bad, and to an extent that will depend on your particular situation and why your ex left you.

  2. Something I learned very early in the dating world was that most men hit bottom before they seek out advice and help to improve this part of their lives…

    And for most men – that means your girlfriend left you, and you want her back. Hell… that is exactly how I got into this back in 2001. I got dumped by my girlfriend for the first time in my life and my ego really didn’t like that.

    Now in hindsight I had already fallen out of love with her before she did that. But when she dumped me (actually she was pretty nice about it) it got my ego re-engaged.

    The worst reason ever to want your ex-girlfriend back. But very very common. 

    And this is the subject of today’s review. Getting Your Ex Back. 

    An exceptional course in this category would address effectively getting your ex back AND  go into the issues that resulted in her breaking up with you in the first place to prevent that RE-HAPPENING (my word invention of the day). 

    We have yet to find that course.

    it does go into some of the reasons you broke up with her in the first place. That’s the harder stuff to fix.

    I realize most of you reading this won’t have just broken up with a girlfriend and want to get her back. But I think it’s still something valuable to learn – because it’s better to pre-empt this situation happening with a girl you are REALLY into of course. 

    If you understand the dynamics – you’ll see it before it comes and have a better chance of dealing with it.

    So keep that in mind.