The Magic of Making Up

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We usually see many breakups in our life and these all have their own reasons. Some of them seem very stupid when they come in to our knowledge and some seem very logical. Mostly men are considered culprit in these cases. On the other note we also see many patch ups. I bet that many of us have heard about a girl that has taken a guy back. So there is some kind of turning back in which we can get some positive results. Two lovers can easily solve their issues. Now-a-days “Magic of Making Up” has made it much easier. This is absolutely not for those guys whose relationship is not meaningful and is abusive.“Magic of Making Up” only helps those who are sincere in their relationship and want their partners back in their life.

Does “The Magic of Making Up” Really Work ?

If you are in  a state of confusion and want to know that does it really work? Then I must tell you that most relationships can be salvaged. Most of them find it difficult to believe that almost every breakup can be saved for whatever reason it is. But there are many people who have experienced “Magic Of Making Up” and have in fact succeeded in solving their relationship issues. Among them there were some men who were serving prison sentences and solved their issues and got their lovers back. Even ex-cons have got together with wives and girlfriends after being away for many years and this all is due to this wonderful program. So now one can easily feel himself confident during the use of “Magic Of Making Up”.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Mistakes that we usually do with our ex and which really should be avoided:

  • We try to convince them that we are the love of their life and we cannot live without them
  • Without knowing that whether we were wrong or not we will apologize profusely for everything
  • We usually promise to change for good this time and leave everything that they hate and with this they become more defensive
  • We even go to that level too where we beg them for not leaving us or even to take us back

Why Should You Choose Magic of Making Up ?

As I have already mentioned that this product is just to help those who are sincere and really want their exes to accept them again. This is not for:

  • Stalkers
  • People with serious mental problem
  • Cuckoos or whack jobs
  • Ex-convicts

The Magic of Making Up benefits

  • You can use the fast forward technique and can get instant relief from emotional breakups
  • All you need to know is that do you still have a special place in your lover’s life and heart than you can easily solve the issues
  • Many women are not conscious of the core reason that why men leave women? This is not beauty and sex. They can easily make themselves aware of that reason by taking help from this program

Magic of Making Up” has given a true way out of getting back together and has solved their issues to a great extent.

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  1. 2-stars

    i bought it 1 year and a half ago, and now i get spam from them every day.

    the book basically says what the wiser folks on this forum are saying except it is used to get her/him back instead of just moving on

    heres the basics

    1. give them a hand written letter of acceptance of the break up
    2. go nc and get into (or fake it) a normal headspace ie:workout, makemoney,finish school whatever,just become better.
    3. if they dont contact you after 30days, call them up for casual coffee/lunch/whatever
    4. make it fun!!!
    5. leave while you are having a good time
    6. if they contact you play aloof, and make them work for it. …guys, get the ass soon! girls make them wait
    7. if they dont contact you, call them after a week.
    8. if you get them back then good, if not, then you are a better person and its time to reall move on!

    it just tells you to be cool, make yourself a fun person and reevaluate your role in the relationship. …fix it and try again. ..if it doesnt work for you, then your a better person!

    dont buy it.

  2. I have the ebook, and I am going to use parts of it myself. There are bits that I think are true, and there are bits that I think aren’t quite right, but the bulk is pretty decent in my opinion.

    If you don’t manage to get it emailed to you by someone, I WOULDN’T BUY IT. I’m not saying its a bad e-book, it just isn’t suitable FOR YOU. I read your thread about you and your ex and believe me this book is NOT suitable for you, and your issue.

    The main idea of the e-book is to make you into a new person to get your ex back, over time and through effort. Your ex obviously isn’t going to just want back into a relationship that he wanted out of, so your going to have to better yourself and turn yourself into a new person so when you ask him on a date, it seems as if he’s getting a date from a new person. It even mentioned getting a new outfit, and not wearing stuff that reminds your ex of your past. You also have to turn into a better person and have a better life than your ex, to show that he/she is better off with you. From what the e-book says it actually sounds pretty logical, but I’m not sure if it works in practice as I only got it yesterday.

    The e-book requires lots of effort and waiting. From what you said in your last thread, your ex isn’t worth the time or effort.