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Are you unable to attract the man you adore and fantasize? All your female friends are engaged and you are the only one who is left out alone. You have simply accepted the fact that you can’t be the woman whom men adore. If this is the case with you then here is something that can actually help you out. It is The woman Men Adore.

The Woman Men Adore is a special relationship guide designed by Bob Grant that will help woman to learn the acts through which man can adore them, think highly of them, desire them and want to be with them. It will teach a woman to capture a man’s heart and make him fall in love with you. It will help a woman to think logically and proceed by following the simple tips that have been designed after much effort of the experts.

The Woman Men Adore is a relationship guide that will not only make your man adore you but will also help you to learn how you can keep your man forever.

The Woman Men Adore will help you to learn:

  • 5 things Men Crave: Every man wants these 5 things for which he craves lifelong. If these things are given to him, he is definitely going to adore you lifelong
  • 5 words: Learn the 5 words for which a man wants to get married. Capture these words with you forever
  • Make Yourself Irresistible To Men: Make yourself the most interesting woman around so that he cannot ignore you at all
  • Effective communication: Learn conversation in such a manner that he simply falls for you
  • Be Yourself: Be yourself and be loved by your man for who you are
  • Understanding: Express yourself in such a manner that you are understood by your man
  • Make him chase you: Learn techniques using which he will want you and chase you. Enjoy that feeling
  • Problems: Learn the problems you face and how can you tackle them
  • Repellents: Learn the two repellents which woman usually possess which is a sign of danger

The Woman Men Adore features:

1)  Independent Woman: Men adore women who are independent but they like it when they serve as a backbone to the other

2)  Habits: Eradicate the habits can take your relationship to dark. These may be related to your past

The Woman Men Adore includes the reasons men crave about, the reason why men get married, make a man do anything and moreover be yourself and be loved. You can get all this diverse stuff in all one product and that is The Woman Men Adore.


  • The product has 3 bonus items with it:

1) The Single Women Quick Change guide

2) The Married Women Quick Change guide

3) 30- Day Membership to The Woman Men Adore Club

  • The book is the first and last of its type, you won’t find any relationship guide so wide in its aspect
  • The book has 8 weeks money back guarantee
  • The book will serve as a guide throughout for and will help you to captivate your man


  • Only online version is available for the book

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3 Reviews

  1. Good book but the spelling in the book is way off. there were some words that were difficult to read due to the typos in them. but overall I liked the essence of this book. It can really help you but only if you agree with the authors point of view.. my conclusion MAN ARE NOT PERFECT and THEY WILL NOT CHANGE.. EVER!

  2. This book is kind of helpful-it has some useful information-however there are lots of errors in grammar and spelling which kind of detracts from reading the book! Its almost as if the author did not use spell check at all so it detracts from the message of the book. If you can look past that the idea seem to be very good!

  3. The book is full of stereotypes that I did not find helpful. For example, the phrase “Women who are good at talk and act in a logical manner, cause men to treat them like a man, unless you are involved with the artistic type who actually likes this kind of take-charge lady.” The author then suggests that I’ll have a better luck as an “emotional woman.” I am a woman and I tend to talk and act in a logical manner. So being logical makes me a “take-charge lady” which is not good. Okay, how am I now supposed to apply the advice? Try to be worse at talk and work on becoming illogical so that I don’t turn off men? Garbage. There are better relationship books out there.