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“Snap”, “Click”, “Snap”.  (Camera flashes). Hear those clicking and snapping? Those are the wonderful sound of the camera taking pictures. From the DSLR, to digital cameras and to mobile cameras, there is quite a list of devices that can capture images. Yes, they can capture, but the question is, how to get a great one? How to capture a photo that will amaze you and others who will see it? Prepare yourself to be stunned with this 2nd Edition of “Trick Photography & Special Effects”.

Trick Photography Introduction

Trick Photography & Special Effects” 2nd Edition, is a complete instructional guide on how to take spectacular special effects shots and cool images your friend will not believe that you did it.

“Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition” has 295 pages of step by step instruction, how-to- video tutorials for 9 hours and over 300 artistic photographs that are taken and created by some of the most talented artists in photography all around the globe.

Apart from the “2nd Edition of Trick Photography & Special Effects”, you will also get the bonus kit of photography tips & tricks mini e-books and this includes: Core Photography Fundamentals, Filters for Lenses and Plug-ins for Photoshop, Introduction to External Flash and How to Make Money with Photography, if you will order right away.

Evan Sharboneau: The Obsessive Photographer

An obsessive photographer that is how, Evan Sharboneau sees himself. He drives people crazy by always taking pictures. He also want to take cool shots, and he has overflowing ideas but does not know how to start, so he did another thing he loved doing- experimenting. He does not have much money, but he is very passionate about photography. This passion leads him to create a guide that reveals everything in photography- the 1st Edition of Trick Photography & Special Effects. The updated version of this is the “Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition”.

As with every product, there are factors that you have to take into consideration before downloading this “Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition”.

Trick Photography Conclusion

Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition” is a definite must-have for the experts and for those who want to become an automatic pro in capturing images. Not only that this product would be more effective to those who have the background knowledge in photography but the newbies can also use it too. If you plan on getting married in puerto rico click here to see the best puerto rico wedding photographer.


  • Do not need a very expensive camera or be a camera whiz to shoot amazing photos because your regular camera will do
  • Teach you how to make light painting images
  • Improve your regular photography skills, skip the amateur phase and take better photos next time you take a shot
  • You do not have to spend on courses, cameras and lights


  • You need a DSLR or cameras with almost the same function as DSLR
  • You need Adobe Photoshop
  • Shortcuts- The basics is discussed on the bonus kit (which one can get if the purchased is made before the deadline)

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